14 thoughts on “The Thugs Win”

  1. At some point honest, decent folk will decide that playing by the rules is a sucker’s game. There’s a tipping point I’m not looking forward to seeing.

  2. “I have tougher thugs” is actually the best match to Mussolin’s Fascism, since he realized that disaffect Italian veterans of the Great War could beat effete communists and socialists to a pulp.

    Mussolini was of course pissed off about being passed over as head of the Italian Socialist Party, and he swore vengeance on his former friends, which is why he sat to the far right in the Italian Parliament, to be as far from his former cohorts as possible, who sat on the far left. That one little move probably had more historical impacts via complete misunderstanding of left and right than anything else in history.

    Aside from having his supporters beat up his former socialist comrades or having them murdered, the rest of Fascism is an excersize in flaky, pompous thoughts on a third way to Marxist utopia. I wonder how many Venezualan’s know that Mussolini’s heirs could sue Hugo Chavez for “look and feel” copyright infringement?

  3. Considering the attackers were hurling racial slurs, it should have been charged as a hate crime. Maybe Holder will step in.

  4. In comments, I suggested that the Guardian Angels oughts start showing up at tea party rallies. And that Gladney should run for office. And that tea partiers stay in groups – don’t give the thugs a chance at divide and conquer.

  5. Maybe Holder will step in.

    He’s too busy putting Black Panthers in lockup, but I understand that Mr. Gladney has been invited to a Beer Summit with the Prez and that the ice-skating rink in Hell is now open for business.

  6. Videotape, admission in open court of the acts charged, and the jury returns not guilty? I can only conclude that the jury decided that beating is justified on protestors against the SEIU and the current occupier of the white house.

    At the risk of Godwin’s law, this reminds me of brown shirts in Nazi Germany.

  7. Yes, Not Guilty by Reason of He Had It Coming and STFU or You’re Next was the official verdict, iirc.

    Also, they’re just called purple-shirts now.

  8. Looks like the jury weighed putting these guys in jail against being called “racist!”* the rest of their lives. I guess the reasoning was “well, Gladney’s okay now, so why risk it?”

    *Yes, even though the beatee, Kenneth Gladney, was black. In the New Equations, opposition to Obama turns you into an honorary White Bigot whether you’re white or not. Welcome to the fold, Mr. Gladney! Step over here to be fitted for your government-issued white sheet and hood. Enjoy your stay in the camps. (Psst! If you can get some smokes to the head cook you can get extra rations for dinner.)

  9. I hate to be a contrarian, but, if the video posted at the link was the primary evidence, there wasn’t a video of the actual beating. Just some guy screaming at the top of his lungs over and over again “You attacked him!” Unless there was more recorded before the point where the YouTube video started, there’s not actually a “video of the beating”.

    Also, I can understand how people MAY misinterpret the following:

    Accused SEIU thug Perry Molens who beat Gladney told the jury this morning that he saw Gladney selling Obama-in-white-face swag outside the town hall…

    So then he beat his a$$ on the pavement.

    But, the way I read it, the “So then he beat his a$$ on the pavement.” part was the commentary of Jim Hoft, not the actual words of Perry Molens, but people are taking it to be part of Molens’ testimony, and claiming that the court and jury intentionally ignored a sworn confession in court, which I’m pretty sure they couldn’t.

  10. Andrea, the vernacular is “house negro” or “boot-licking Uncle Tom”. Personally, I prefer “pariah” because I make my own and it sounds like a dangerous fish.

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