Thoughts On “Soft” America

An open letter to the president.

[Update a few minutes later]

More thoughts:

The Obama brand of liberalism not only is likely to contribute to a “softer” America, but a soft-headed America as well. We condemn tea-partiers and veterans as racists and potential terrorists but we release actual terrorists from Guantanamo because the evident cruelties of that country-club facility are too terrible to bear. We demonize the hard-won, self-made success of risk-takers, but shovel millions of their hard-earned dollars to prop up the uncompetitive but politically correct enterprises of the well-connected. Government policies proliferate that punish effort, risk, and success but reward sloth, identity, and failure.

Soft America calls a 26-year-old a “child” under Obamacare, but court martials him if he’s a Navy SEAL who slaps a vicious terrorist in the course of capture. Soft America promotes the expansion of speech codes on college campuses so as not to give offense to anyone or anything but the First Amendment. Soft America spends $4 trillion to no effect and then asks for more. Soft America works diligently to turn the societal safety net into a hammock. Soft America bows to tyrants but lectures allies. Soft America waters down our history to give minor or even inconsequential figures as much play as giants. Soft America eschews absolutes, derides standards, ridicules heroes, and scoffs at virtue.

Say, didn’t Michael Barone write a book about this? I think he did!

One thought on “Thoughts On “Soft” America”

  1. Soft America works diligently to turn the societal safety net into a hammock.

    No, Soft American Liberals have turned the societal safety nets into gill nets, trapping millions of Americans below their potential. But it does keep them elected. And in most cases, it’s made THEM rich, while keeping the netted fish POOR.

    If all American’s had gained wealth at the rate that senior elected liberal Democrats had, we’d all be millionaires, or damned close!

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