9 thoughts on “Is The Tea Party About God?”

  1. Why then vet political relationships with a religous test?

    Well, there are those on the right who believe it all comes down to competing theocracies (though they would never use that unflattering term), so naturally they’d want follow one of their own and not a godless heathen.

    1. I see 2 levels of religious test:
      – Will the candidate use government to support my religion?
      – Will the candidate use government to oppose my religion?
      The latter test is consistent with the first amendment.

  2. The trolls are particularly vicious today in the first link. Someone is accusing the atheists of being anti-american (among other things) while another is heralding the coming of the “Reconquista”. Sounds to me like at most a few people stirring things up. I wonder how much of posts like that are lies either for someone’s amusement or false flag operations to cast dispute or chaos upon some position or ideology.

  3. Watch out for those religious fanatics, they might start with the communists, but if left un-shamed they’ll eventually get around to the atheists.

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