10 thoughts on “The Five Most Infantile Beliefs”

  1. Has anyone else noticed that as the unsavory behavior of the “crime wave” has increased, coverage of the OWS movement has dropped off, first gradually, and then precipitously as the media moved on to cover first the Cain allegations and now the Penn State scandal. It seems to me like the folks in the media are hoping that if they don’t report what’s going on, people will forget how strongly they endorsed the OWS movement a few weeks ago.

    1. The very off year elections were held on Tuesday. The OWS has served whatever purpose they’ll provide. Time to get them off the streets before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

  2. OWS was the media front from a few weeks ago. Most news stories only last a few days, only the biggest last more than a few weeks. That front has passed for the most part. Cain was the media front from last week and Penn State this week.

    There’s also the point where the media no longer wants to cover OWS because of a growing backlash against a bunch of smelly hippies. It no longer serves the media’s purpose (promoting liberalism).

  3. I dunno, she kind of lost me when she said,

    I knew this culture was headed for big trouble in 1965, the day I heard Jackie DeShannon sing her lilting pied-piper melody and throngs of Boomers swallowed it whole-hog.

    That song being “What the World Needs Now, Is Love, Sweet Love.” See, there’s no way she could have thought anything like that in 1965. I looked at her picture, and she doesn’t look anywhere near old enough to have been of an age that could have had such an idea in 1965. So I checked her web site about page and she says that 26 years ago she was thirty. Assuming she wrote that page this year, or has been keeping it updated, she’s now 56. Which means she was born in 1955. Which means she was ten years old in 1965. Now, she may have been a brilliant child prodigy, but even brilliant child prodigies don’t listen to a pop song and extrapolate future trends from them. They simply don’t have the maturity of outlook necessary for such discernment. At the most, she may merely have disliked the song — at the age of ten I hated certain popular songs. I didn’t have any erudite, deeply insightful cultural reasons for doing so — I just didn’t like them. Also, I doubt at the age of ten she was aware of anything called “Boomers.” These were simply the adults around her. In fact, being born in 1955, she’s a Boomer herself. So her statement makes no sense and makes the rest of what she has to say sound, well, canned.

    1. Well, winter is almost here, time is running out and no policemen have yet sacrificed themselves on the altar of re-living Kent state. They’re getting desperate.

    1. Doonsebury is still being published? I thought that dog went on the one-way trip to the vet years ago. I guess someone has to make Excitable Andi Sullivan look reasoned and readable, right?

      As for Occupy Whatever being a “treasure trove of potential voters,” I figured it was more of a recruiting drive for the Brown Shirts the Dems are gonna to wanna deploy next summer. Find out now the true believers who are willing to use “any means necessary” and endure hardships to keep their Dem masters in power.

  4. I see that they are now trying to put up a tent city in LA.

    Got me to thinking. Maybe it’s a good time to buy stock in REI.

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