3 thoughts on “The Regressive Green Movement”

  1. I think part of what frustrates Conservatives about the Left is how contradictory and in opposition so many of their beliefs are. The Beliefs of the Welfare Staters and the Greens are basically diametrically opposed.

    You cannot support a modern welfare state with a declining population impoverished by restrictive policies that hamper the creation of wealth by businesses. Wealth necessry to feed the welfare state gatgantuan.

    Even worse is the so-called geniuses like Obama that profess both beliefs as dogma at the same time. Leftists simply do not under the logistics of their own beliefs. In fact, Conservatives understand much about their beliefs even better then they do because their beliefs have an emotional and not a logical anchor. They were never reasoned into them in the first place.

    We live in a world where such wishful thinking is not only tolerated but encouraged. Ultimately, reality will assert itself. This will not end well.

  2. The Beliefs of the Welfare Staters and the Greens are basically diametrically opposed.

    So are the beliefs of organized labor and greens. And open-borders’ and greens. It’s nuttiness on stilts.

    Those hardest hit are the poorest of the poor who depend upon cheap, bountiful energy to both sustain their lives and facilitate their upward mobility. For this reason, the green movement is not just wrong, but evil.

    It boils down to a hatred of humanity. And the wracking guilt of being a member. Deep down they see themselves as the ones who are making the tough decisions. To hell with the poor; each one that dies young and childless represents one small step in the right direction. They know that sentiment is unspeakable, and inherently inhumane. But they’ve created their own ends-justifies-the-means reality.

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