4 thoughts on “Marketing Science To Girls”

  1. You know, my lab has six women and one man. All of our benches are pink, as is our glassware, our culture plates, our formalin, our BSL-3 waste, our biohazard bags- you name it. Oh, and our ELISA plates show a pink color change in presence of the pretty antibodies we’re seeking. We also wear high heels and white lab coats with little white science skirts. ‘Cause that’s how us girls do science.

    Okay, let’s not get too snarky, peeps…

  2. Ummm…pardon me for pointing this out…but…if this is an example of “How not to do it”…why does the article describe the company as successful? Success generally is a general indication that a company is doing things the way they should be done, isn’t it?

    Damn you free market for choosing to reward companies with marketing strategies that vex my smug sense of moral superiority!

    If pink perfume labs sell and someone happens to learn something, then what’s your beef? It doesn’t pass the NOW komisariat educational purity test? Boo Hoo!

    1. It depends on what your criteria for “success” are. Do we know that the girls are learning science? Or that they wouldn’t be learning more with a different approach?

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