We Lazy And Soft Americans

just don’t deserve a demi-god like Barack Obama:

Maybe it’s time for us to really take a look at ourselves and ask: Is Obama actually a great president, and we’re just a lousy country?

It’s not really that radical a question. I mean, look at him: He’s a bright, Harvard-educated man who’s not only been to other countries but has actually lived in them — he knows cultures and viewpoints beyond the narrow ones we have here. And he surrounds himself with the greatest minds on earth. And who are we, compared to him? We’re a bunch of slobs, really. Kind of ignorant. Maybe a little racist. And we surround ourselves with bowls of flavored corn chips. But the country’s problems are supposed to be his fault? Does that make sense?

Look at what Obama did to try and get our economy going. He had this big, hundreds of billions of dollars stimulus that was designed by all the great economists who work in his administration — the top minds. It should have worked. The economy should be roaring right now and unemployment a thing of the past. America should be a utopia. So what was missing from the equation? That the people the stimulus was used on are a bunch of lazy dimwits. Obama did everything he possibly could, but apparently Americans just aren’t very good at running businesses and creating jobs. Obama has given us so many advantages that even chimpanzees should have been able to create jobs, but we just sit there like useless blobs while our companies crumble around us. We’re failing the country. We’re failing him.

I’ve been saying for years that we’re just not worthy of him.

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  1. Its amazing how a quote taken completely out of context takes on a life of its own bouncing around the right wing blog sphere…

    The export figures, especially for autos support the ORIGINAL statement, that U.S. firms are not as focused on exporting as foreign firms are.

    The auto firms are an example and the reasons is simple. Historically the U.S. market has been more then big enough to keep the firms fat and happy. And exporting requires actually designing to the needs for foreign markets, like putting the steering wheel on the right side when selling your product in Japan and greatly increasing MPG. That is why the biggest exporters of autos to foreign markets have been foreign firms building units in the U.S. for sale to foreign markets.

      1. Clearly you haven’t followed the origin of the idea that President Obama thinks Americans are lazy. Instead you are just for it because its anti-Obama even though its as misleading as the attacks on his space policy.

        1. If it helps any, many of us were just plain astonished at the thought of this affirmative action quota baby with the 16 handicap daring to refer to anyone else as lazy.

          1. Its amazing how the Tea Party’s hate of anyone different who happens to be successful always bubbles to the surface. And they are wondering why the rest of the country views the current Tea Party presidential field as a joke.

          2. Its amazing how the Tea Party’s hate of anyone different who happens to be successful always bubbles to the surface.

            No, what’s amazing is how you come in and drop these complete unsupported non sequiturs that bear no relationship to either the post or the comments.

        2. Actually Obama has made statements like this on more than one occasion but not soundbite perfect like the Americans are lazy comment.

    1. I agree with Tom, and add that GM should redouble their efforts at selling Chevy Volts in Japan. I’m sure we can overcome their bad experience with the US incendiary firebombing of Tokyo, and convince them that the Volt isn’t just a ticking car bomb designed to turn their wooden cities to cinders, its a statement about American technological prowess in the new socialist future where the government and a union own and run a car company, producing products almost as good as a ZIL or Trabant.

    2. JIS,

      Yes, But don’t forget Ford’s used to own both Jaguar and Volvo and both firms had a strong export focus outside of their home nations to the rest of Europe, so they had that expertise to draw on. Now Tata Motors is using both firms the same way for their entry strategy into Europe.

      1. Hmmm, no… Ford has been selling cars in Europe since the 60’s. It’s where the Ford Escort was first sold in the late 60’s. The Cortina was popular through the 70’s. Then, the Sierra and the Fiesta in the 80’s. Then they bought Jaguar in ’89 and didn’t purchase Volvo till ’99. But it was the still the Ford Mondeo that was the most sold car through 90’s. In fact it was common amongst trendy businesspeople that if you couldn’t afford a BMW you’d treat yourself to a Mondeo. The Jaguars that Ford built used the chassis from the Mondeo. Then, the Ford Focus became quite popular. The Focus they sell over in Europe is light years ahead of the one they sell over here in the States. The last few years Ford has been borrowing more and more stuff out of the parts bin of the Euro-Focus model to try and increase it’s appeal.

        1. Actually Ford’s history with Europe goes back to 1929 when Ford signed a large export deal with the Soviet Union. But actually the Ford Mondeo illustrates the different approach between U.S. auto makers, and actually many U.S. manufacturers, of building plants in foreign countries to serve those markets versus exporting from the U.S. There are two reasons for this. The first is the small size of the foreign markets relative to U.S. markets before the 1980’s. The second is the perceived difficulty of exporting that many U.S. auto executives have since many have spent their entire careers just selling within the U.S. market.

  2. How weird is it when an article which attempts to be schtick actually captures the mindset of a significant portion of the American Left. I have a relative who, I suspect, feels exactly the way that Frank describes. Only my relative wouldn’t be doing schtick.

  3. “What are you babbling about and what does it have to do with this post?”

    Pretty much my reaction to all of Matula’s posts.

  4. I think he should just leave this ungrateful, lazy, bitter country to our own devices, shake the dust of his shoes at us, and move on to a more accepting country. ‘Twould serve us right. Maybe he could do for the UN the marvelous things he’s done for us, only more so. Or he could run for head of the EU, they look like they need a commander like him at their helm.

    (do I really need the /sarc tag?)

  5. “And he surrounds himself with the greatest minds on earth.”

    Classic Frank J. snarkiness. Obama’s minions are remarkably smaller than life. If Roosevelt had a brain trust, Obama has a Monty Python/Mel Brooks cast.

  6. …how is it, that the ‘WE’ of the country have gotten a ‘little lazy’ and HE’S taking 17 days off for Christmas?

    Hell, I don’t have a job, and I don’t get 17 days ‘off’ over the holidays; and this putz is supposed to be our leader?

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