17 thoughts on “Newt’s “Zany” Space Policy”

  1. The space race ended on October 10, 1967.
    Apollo 8 flew on December 21, 1968.

    It’s like running a marathon with only two competitors who sit down for tea 3/4 of the way through the race and agree there’s no point continuing. If one of the runners then wants to dash off to the finish line, fine, enjoy the cheers of the unwitting crowd, but you know the race wasn’t on so don’t get cocky.

  2. We’ve had 40+ years of people being able to use cheap mockery like that, all of it thanks to the bureaucracy building of the Apollo era.

    It’s the gift that keeps on destroying opportunities. And any problems with the performance of companies like SpaceX will be taken to ‘prove’ that the “do-nothing-real” space program is the only way to go.

    Maybe we’ll be out of this hole in a 100 years. Or 1000.

    I’d better walk away before I say something _really_ depressing 😉

  3. I don’t Mitt Romney having a space policy works politically- I expect he continue to ridicule the idea, as means to defeat Newt.
    Who needs a space policy is Newt, so he turn the tables on Romney.
    But that isn’t very easy.
    What could his space policy be which won’t show he on same side as
    The republican campaign needs to be about being in opposition to Obama.
    Newt can’t be on the same side of Obama and Bush- being associated with
    Bush or Obama isn’t winning plan. Whereas being associated with Reagan wouldn’t do any harm.
    One small idea, is Newt could pick up old news of NASA being opposed to Orbital depots. Perhaps tie in Reagan original idea of the space station having this capability.
    Newt would need to find support in space industry- or go to bat for them [they might not want this].
    Or scratch the above, start with Musk or Bigelow and/or Branson and develop a space policy related to them.
    Having Newt in picture with SpaceShiptwo is pretty prop, but one needs a modest doable direction as part of policy.

  4. Should Governor Romeny gain the nomination, every statement regarding space will be twisted around and bashed over his head in Florida. Do the Republicans think that they can win the election without the sunshine state?

  5. If the Republican Party nominates Mitt Romney, it means that they are trying to throw the election. That makes no sense to me, but it’s the only explanation I can think of.

      1. Actually, considering that of all those, only Rasmussen has a likely voter screen and a large sample and therefore worth a crap, shows Obama at 44 and Romney at 41, that is BAAAD news for Obama considering he has had a good two weeks. Romney has an eaiser path to 50 percent than Obama because incumbents stuck below 45% almost are never re-elected, the undecideds almost always break for the challenger by overwhelming margins.

  6. If Romney wins the nomination, someone might want to remind him that Florida is a swing state and they might not take kindly to using space policy as a laughingstock.

  7. My suspicion is that when it comes time to ask people in Florida and Texas for votes, Romney will be in favor of a lunar colony. It will be different than the one Gingrich has proposed, of course, and more “practical.”

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