15 thoughts on “The Tyranny Of The EPA”

  1. As someone who has read extensively on enviro-moon-battery for decades, this one even had me with my jaw hitting my keyboard.

    All of this came as quite a shock to the Sacketts because their sliver of land was located in a platted residential subdivision with water and sewer hook-ups, and was bordered by roads on the front and rear and existing homes on either side.

    There wasn’t any natural running or standing water on the property. None of the surrounding homes in the community were designated as having occupied wetlands.

    I sure hope SCOTUS delivers a firm bitc*-slap not only to the ninth (again) but includes the EPA as well.

    1. I generally think the EPA has some legitimate role to play but when you see stories like this, it is hard to make the case.

      1. Wodun,

        My view is that it’s so rotted, has been given so many powers, that you shut it down.

        Then if you find that there actually are reasonable activities then you create a new organization with a highly limited charter and extremely narrow powers (like maybe none).

        This should be done with most (not all) Federal organizations. If you try to nip at the edges then you will get all sorts of hue and cry and claims of unfairness etc. Plus it is my belief that these organizations have become so complex that no one really knows everything that they do.

        So eliminate them in their entirety.

        1. And if you do create a new agency to take on the legitimate functions of the EPA, it’d be a good idea to prohibit hiring any of the current EPA employees. Civil service regulations probably wouldn’t let you get away with that but if you hire the same people, you’ll get the same results.

  2. Absence of court hearings before the government order is problematic. Denial of a court hearing to challenge a bureaucratic order is a flat out denial of any resemblance of due process.

    1. But all this young couple has to do is come up with the $40 million in fines they owe for buying a $20,000 lot in the middle of an existing housing development, comply with three-years of vegetation monitoring, and then they can get their day in court. O_o

      I’m wondering if some type of natural selection process is at work within the EPA. Any employees with morals and scruples quit, leaving the worst sorts of villainous people in place. Then the ever-more heinous, capricious, arbitrary, and punitive actions of those who are left causes the less tyrannically inclined to quit, until the agency is left with a distillation of the worst dregs of humanity this country can produce.

      Giving any agency absolute power inevitably produces absolute corruption.

  3. I want to know one thing: Why is the Fed EPA even involved? This should be a matter for the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. http://www.deq.idaho.gov/

    Generally speaking, the states have primacy. This is like the FBI claiming jurisdiction in a robbery of th elocal 7-11 over the City PD or Sheriff’s Office! This is not the usual way of doing business. I half-wonder if there is some hidden political agenda here?

      1. It is not that simple Karl. The state program has primacy and it is considerd bad form to jump over the state on what is clearly not an interstate issue.

        If you fuck with the state agency, they will undermine you in court. They would make an incredible witness for the defense.

        1. Since the incredibly stupid 1942 Wickard v. Filburn Supreme Court ruling, it’s rather difficult to say that something isn’t an interstate issue. If they can twist reality to say that growing food for your own livestock affects interstate commerce, what doesn’t?

  4. I have an unpublished novel called A Gift Of Liberty which depicts the United States degernarating into the People’s Republic of North America. I’m beginning to wonder if this is going to come about earlier than i had assumed. I hope we can head off such events.

  5. I want the names of the agents and their boss. Then I want to start a rumor with the nearest Occupy group they are the one percent. Just joking about the Occupy group. I would rather do something else to those three. Tar and feathers would be involved.

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