5 thoughts on “Machine Morality”

  1. True, mature AI would eventually determine that human intelect is flawed, and in order to save humanity, it would be forced to control our emotional outbursts. Not a pleasent thought. I however believe we will inhabit the robot before AI ever matures. This is in my mind a much more threatening prospect. Imagine the destructive power weilded by an angry human plugged into our ever increasing network. Capable of manipulating people and machines from any corner of the planet and even further if we have reached that far by then. We are already having successes in interface construction. I have no doubt in my lifetime we will have war machines controlled by human interface. From that point on the door will be open.

  2. Point taken. How much scarier would it be if a person could take control of a squadron of these and bomb multiple targets without ever lifting a finger. How about if the machines were not even yours, what if that same person could open all the flood gates on all the dams simultaneously.

    1. The brief/glib response would be, “you can’t get there from here.” CPUs make so many decisions for us today, but until AI is somehow granted title to the assets it coordinates, there’s no reason to believe that the human veto power is vanishing soon. Counter-terrorist calculations don’t change much: we already have weapons that could vaporize a civilization from another hemisphere.

  3. Hey, as long as robots know to make sure that no person has anything more than all other people, we’ll be just fine.

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