14 thoughts on “Ten Space Trends”

  1. I don’t know…that talk of “Maslow Windows” seems kind of out there.

    I’m not going to accept any predictions based on that.

  2. Wow, first point is retarded.

    Second point is the China distraction.

    Third point is the Iran annoyance.

    Fourth point is premature speculation on the historical importance of the discovery of Earth-sized planets in the habitable zone around other stars.. something most everyone in the world thinks is “cool” but is otherwise unimpressed or motivated by.

    Fifth point is 2012 bunk that most people are already bored about. No-one will care by September.

    Sixth point is totally irrelevant to space development which has never followed economic cycles as it is predominately government and non-institutional investors.

    Seventh point is irrelevant.

    Eight point is “the year of commercial spaceflight” which, for some reason only a mainstream media journalist can understand, he too thinks has something to do with Virgin Galactic. He’ll be disappointed when they don’t fly any paying customers in 2012, which they won’t.

    Ninth point fails to define a “Sputnik moment” and then makes stupid comparisons.

    Tenth point admits that he doesn’t have a clue.

    What a worthless countdown.

    1. Trent, I didn’t spend much time reading the various points so I’m not going to quibble with your opinions, but I really think you should bone up on your social skills. That was really rude towards Rand, in my view.

      1. Come on, this is the internet, that was a mild fisking.
        I come here to listen to different viewpoints.

        Keep it coming Trent (and Rand).

    2. The seventh point (point #3 counting down) addressed the possibility of Maunder Minimum-like solar conditions beginnings.

      Irrelevant? One of your best blog posts ever was about a low mass mission to the moon, and you’re not interested in less need for radiation shielding? Hmmmph!

      (I also disagree with you about Kepler and the discovery of earth-size worlds in the HZ, but exploration is always getting disrespected around here.)

  3. Windows of the metaphorical variety get built in the same way as the ones of the physical variety. An application of the will is required.

  4. I’m with Trent. Reads like a random stream of conciousness — not necessary a bad thing, but a real head-scratcher…

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