6 thoughts on “Hollywood And Racism”

  1. You mean our resident pinhead isn’t the only liberal who sees racist dog whistles everywhere? I guess he had to learn the trade somewhere.

    1. Oh, no, he doesn’t see the racist dog-whistles everywhere, he just mentions ones that other people claim to see and probably don’t exist anyway according to folks close to him. Pshaw! He only mentions them out of plausibly deniable passive aggressiveness with a thin veneer of feigned disinterest, of course!

      It reminds me of that old joke: “Sir, the man on the corner said you were unfit to sleep with dogs, but I came to your defense and said that you were!” /guffaw

  2. As much as bashing Bob might make for an interesting way to pass some time, I think I’ll stick with the topic for a bit. Hollywood does use the racist card a bit, and Lucas does seem to be unintentionally ironic with regards to using it in connection with Red Tails. Maybe he really didn’t know that Jar Jar Binks sounds like a Jamaican Stepin Fetchit, but to not see it after it is pointed out to you is odd.

    As to Red Tails itself, I think that there may be other factors involved in why the studios didn’t want it. They may be thinking that those strange people in flyover country may not like seeing black people as heroes. Or they could not much care for a movie that shows America in a (eventual) positive light. Or they may have felt that the foreign market isn’t much in the mood for a patriotic movie about America. So no, racism isn’t the only reason for this movie (which I can’t wait to see myself) having trouble being made.

    1. Is Lorne Michaels unintentionally ironic? I guess you could argue statistically yes. So… what do you think his reaction would be to having it pointed out to him?

      Would it include “tails”? … or … “red”? Or just “odd”.

  3. I saw the preview for Red Tails while waiting to see the excellent Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. It just looked like a bad movie to me – cardboard characters, overblown special effects, simplistic storyline, etc. The story of the Tuskegee Airmen is inspiring, but to me, this movie looked like a lousy testament to their legacy.

    But, I would expect nothing different from Lucas…

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