8 thoughts on “They Must Be Doing At Least One Of Them Wrong”

  1. I suppose the relative strenuous ness would depend on things such as the quality of your balls, the length of your putter, how many strokes it takes you, etc. And then when you think about the golf part…

  2. Well, let’s see:
    1. The course I used to play a lot is about 7000 yards. On the round, I’ll walk about 8000 on the average by the GPS, often in 95 deg weather
    2. I carry (not roll) a bag weighing about 20-30lbs (with 2 bottles of water in the summer)
    3. I typically shoot in the mid-90’s (I suck) with about 35 putts. So that’s 60 full power swings, plus a like number of practice strokes
    4. I do this in under 4 hours, if I don’t have to wait for others
    5. A clear indication of the total effort is that I typically need 3 bottles of water on a summer day, and still lose about 2-3 lbs of water weight.
    I dunno, sounds pretty strenuous to me 🙂

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