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  1. It doesn’t do any good to elect a new president if the new president doesn’t understand what’s been put in place and what’s been distorted by the Left, especially the current administration, that will continue to hobble the freedoms of Americans and continue to diminish and drag on our economy, our schools, our businesses, our manufacturing.

    As a Quality Improvement expert once explained to me, top-down systems, when the managers try to solve a problem, simply impose a “solution” from above, without any idea how it will function in actual practice.

    Because they have no QI feedback loop, when the “solution” creates more problems, the management “fix” those problems. This creates layers of complexity, each “fix” making the system more cumbersome and difficult to run.

    When you add QI and get the information and intelligence of the front line people into the intelligence of the total operation through feedback loops, problems can actually be solved in a way that works. I was told that this is how th eUS broke through and re-armed in WWII fast enough to win the war. This is why the Japanese, after the war, asked Deming to come and teach them. Hence, Toyota. Hence, the Deming prize.

    You may understand all this a gazillion times better than I do.

    But what I do understand is that communism is perhaps the biggest example of top-down stupidity in management in the history of the planet, and that is exactly what the Left has been trying to shift our country to, for about the last 80 years, starting at least with Woodrow Wilson. About whom, who knew, what a creep.

    The only candidate I see who has a grasp of the enormity of this task, the enormity of the scale of the repair we need to make, and a plan for accomplishing the shift and restoring the constitutional basis of our country, is Newt Gingrich.

    Peter Ferrar, who worked in the Reagan White House, has written about how Obama is actually a very skilled Alinsky radical and that this SOTU address shows that. Ferrar goes on to say that Newt understand this. He says that at the end of this campaign, because of Newt, the American people will understand who Saul Alinky is, even if Romney doesn’t. It’s well worth reading it all. http://conservatives4newt.blogspot.com/2012/01/peter-ferrara-gingrich-frames-debate.html

    I realize that no one here is pushing Romney, at least that I have seen.

    My goal is to bring to your attention the tremendous strengths Newt Gingrich brings to the task of engaging the American people in our true task, which is to return to our constitutional way, of a smaller federal government, equality before the law, a spirit of commitment to the public weal and fair play. Very Reagan.

    If we do that, all kinds of good things will emerge from the natural actions of all persons just naturally attempting to maximize their own values fulfillment through freedom in the free market.

    It’s a mark of my liking and respect for Transterrestrial Musings that I write this. I hope that is clear. I love engineering and space, “THE RIGHT STUFF,” “APOLLO 13,” science fiction. So aerospace matters to me, even though it is by no means my field. Thanks, guys, and thanks, Rand, for letting me participate.

    p.s. I like this format of being able to read exactly what I’m writing as I’m writing. It’s more convenient and efficient than most sites.

    1. This is just bizarre. So now not only can a person not have committed any moral transgressions, but they also can’t have been the victim of them?

      1. It’s not just that his wife cheated on him. She actually deserted him and their kids. Then, like a chump, he took her back.

        Right there, he’s lost the respect of the average American. But it gets worse: he let her decide on whether he’d run for President.

        If he’d told her, “Look, I’m running, and if you don’t like it you can go back to that other guy,” he might deserve respect. But not only is he forgiving a woman who betrayed him, he’s also letting her make his own decisions.

        He’s a wimp, pure and simple. And if he’s the nominee, people will conclude that all Republicans are wimps.

        1. Ken,

          I agree with you. I would much rather vote for Newt Gingrich then Mitch Daniels.

          And let’s not forget he sold the Indiana Toll Road to a corporation in Spain to fund his pet projects in Southern Indiana with the result that the tolls from American drivers are now flowing to Europe instead of being used to keep the road in repair. Talk about outsourcing 🙂

  2. Mrs. Daniels has made it abundantly clear that she does NOT want to be the target of Barry O’s attack bots, and I dont’ blame her. Mitch Daniels loves his wife (to be honest, I am unclear as to why, as she comes off as a self-indulgent twit, and a disloyal one at that), and doesn’t want her subjected to this abuse either. Unless he is willing to throw her under the bus, it is extremely unlikely that he is going to run.

    I regret this, but I do understand it….

  3. If you said house asshole, I’d agree. I don’t generally run my comments by the civility police. I am not, however, a Moby. I believe the things I say. Frankly, from my point of view, I find it bizarre that most Republicans aren’t more like me. Perhaps they’ve acquired Stockholm Syndrome from so much abuse. Personally, I would rather be like the Warsaw ghetto Jews than like the ones in Auschwitz.

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