9 thoughts on “Mitt Romney, Economic Ignoramus”

  1. “I think the old standby definitions of who votes for which party have been blown away in this campaign,” said Romney to New England Cable News. “I think people recognize that I’m not a partisan Republican; that I’m someone who is moderate; and that my views are progressive,” he continued.

    Mitt Romney at a 2002 campaign stop in Worcester, Mass.

      1. “Much of the current conservative movement is characterized by this sort of historical amnesia and symbolic parricide, which seeks to undo key aspects of the Republican legacy such as Reagan’s elimination of corporate tax loopholes, Nixon’s environmental and labor safety programs, and a variety of G.O.P. achievements in civil rights, civil liberties, and good government reforms,”

        I haven’t seen any Republican arguing for increased corporate tax loopholes. And undoing “Nixon’s environmental and labor safety programs” is laughable. If he were alive today he would be aghast at what those “programs” have morphed into. And undoing “G.O.P. achievements in civil rights, civil liberties, and good government reforms”? Typical NYTimes noise: Make a statement that is absurd, and imply that if you disagree, you suffer from “historical amnesia”. Orwell would be impressed.

      2. [1970] “Mr. President, this EPA thing will one day declare carbon dioxide a pollutant.”

        “You’re drunk.”
        “Yes sir.”

  2. As a commenter says, we remain doomed to not having a presidential candidate who can explain reality to the American people.

    The real tragedy is that so many Americans need to have reality explained to them by a politician.

  3. Gee whillikers, State-shtupping Bob-1 likes “moderate” Republicans. *What a shocker.

    *That is, Republicans only moderately attached to liberty.

    1. Bilwick,

      This “state-shtupping” metaphor of yours is pretty odd. I don’t know what it would mean to have sexual intercourse with a country, even metaphorically, but speaking literally and not metaphorically, many very admirable men and women have “shown devotion” to the United States, and what it stands for. Many have been willing to give their lives for the United States. Many did. Are they “state-shtuppers”?

    2. I dunno about “shtuppin'”, but this was when we got to first base with Stalin…

      …to my amazement, Stalin took my head in his two hands and gave me a large kiss! I swallowed my astonishment and, when he turned up his face for a return kiss, I delivered it.

      Bob and his fellow travelers have a point, and it is much the same point the “Paleo-cons” make: we’re a long time past the revolution. Larry O’Donnel’s “We’re all socialists!” comment was safe by eight decades.

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