3 thoughts on “Who Are The Aggressors In The Culture War?”

  1. “Komen will lose donations from women and men…”

    My sister died from breast cancer in Jan 1999.

    My wife’s mother died from breast cancer in May, just days before Mother’s Day, of that same year.

    Needless to say, we are very dedicated to donating to breast cancer research so that other’s may not have to go through this. We talked about the fact that if we had EVER known that SGK was giving money to PP we would not have given to SGK. We agreed that the entire argument, “…we’ll NEVER use your money for abortions or other things you disagree with…” is bogus.

    When SGK buckled to the PP / Lib MSM onslaught and agreed to again give the money, I sent them an e-mail saying I would no longer be donating. My wife has classes and meetings most Mon, Tue Wed, nights. Thursday is often catch up night, used for ‘runnings’ that get pushed back because of that early week schedule. It’s often Sat before we have ‘serious’ discussions. On Sat, she told me she’d sent SGK an e-mail telling them she would no longer be donating money nor time to them.

    We both had the same idea, and followed through on it. I’ve said here before that I’m on SSD, my wife is a state gub’ment employee. We get paid just once per month and we discuss all the money issues before we spend / donate. But we came to the same conclusion without even seeing each other hardly.

    Given what we did, how many couples, each with a job & paycheck, will do this and probably not bounce it off the other person? Plenty I think and I think it will eventually shut down SGK. Or it will cause them to go ‘under the wing’ of some other organization to keep SGK’s name out there.

    It’s too bad IMHO, SGK has probably done more to teach about breast cancer awareness and treatments than any other org.

  2. Rather than boast about our purity, which doesn’t convince anyone, why not just turn the tables and become the aggressors ourselves?

  3. Remember that crazy wingnut that discraced himself, his party, and his nation by yelling, “You lie!” during the SOTU a few years back? How could anyone accuse the Obama of being dishonest?

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