16 thoughts on “The Climate Insanity”

  1. I can’t see a way out of all of this time wasting. These same folks will come back in a few years with some different insanity, and it will again take meticulous documentation and assiduous followup to debunk it.

    1. Yes, it’ll be a different insanity but the “cure” will be the same – massive transfer of wealth to bureaucrats, greens and other nations, reduction of our standard of living and freedom, etc.

      1. As was noted here a month or so ago, isn’t it odd that the cure for global warming is exactly the same as the proposed cure for the ice age that scientists feared was coming back in the 1970’s?

        1. Well now, thanks to Gerrib, we can argue:

          somebody telling me all the precautions taken to prevent climate change from occurring is like somebody telling me all the precautions taken to prevent the Titanic from sinking. Just because something is supposed to work doesn’t mean it in fact worked.

          You have to admire sound reasoning such as Gerrib’s, and find ways to use it regularly.

  2. Presumably he has saved the envelope and the original letter, so will he turn them over to a neutral party for investigation?

    By the time that question is answered, I suspect there won’t be anyone left who doesn’t know how to pronounce his last name. His parents must be so proud.

  3. I’m so disappointed. I saw this,

    “…has just jumped….”

    and I naturally thought the end would say,

    “…the SHARK!”

    Too bad it didn’t.

  4. A whistle blower is an insider that tattles on their own group. That is the exact opposite of what this is lol.

  5. What’s telling is that the one document Gleick didn’t social engineer was a copy of that first “memo”. You’d have thought he’d at least TRY con his way to that one, as it would be the surest way to verify the thing. I mean he supposedly knew enough about Heartland to be able to pin point EXACTLY the documents he needed to verify the nonexplosive parts of the “memo”, so finding the actual memo should not have been too difficult. That he apparently couldn’t find such a thing suggests a different chronology of events than he is admitting to.

  6. DeSmog blog has gone all out to defend the authenticity of the forged document. link

    As Anthony Watts echoed one of his commenters, “triple face palm.”

    1. There were those who tried to defend Dan Rather’s forged Bush National Guard memos, too. They pointed out that multi-thousand dollar typeset machines did in fact exist back in the timeframe. What they failed to prove was that a National Guard unit, which back then was lucky to get an electric typewriter, would not only have one of those typeset machines but would use it to prepare routine memos. The fact that the memo exactly matched the default settings of Microsoft Word was purely a coincidence, of course.

      Fake but accurate, indeed.

      1. The P.S. in Col. Hodges’ alleged memo (“P.S. 1st Lieutenant Bush also knew all about 9/11 in advance.”) was another dead giveaway.

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