8 thoughts on “Gas Prices”

  1. Maybe. Maybe not.

    The Obama administration/campaign initial trial balloon at making the election about ideology (the contraception mandate) rather than the dismal economy has been a success far beyond what they could have hoped.

      1. Then the DNC can start running all the clips of Bill O’Reilly and others saying that Gas Prices are completely outside of the control of the president…

        That’s after they’ve finished the rolling clip of Romney’s contradictory positions that the Santorum campaign has provided.

        This is a lot of fun guys. Hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.

    1. What Rand said. As much as GOP and various pundits are falling all over the contraception issue; most Americans won’t even think about it 6 months from now.

      Indeed, there’s a possibility that the wikileak’s email on Bin Laden’s body could change the discussions, and perhaps bring forward the atrocity of Afghanistan executing two field officers after Obama apologized. And to be clear, I don’t trust wikileaks, but certainly other pathetic forgeries have made news. This released email deserves some vetting.

  2. Obama’s strategy is probably to make gas so expensive that only Volt and Leaf owners will be able to drive to the polling places to vote. He is thus guaranteed a win with nearly 100% of the vote–all 3,000 of them…

      1. With apologies to Bob Weir, if unable to walk, I’d crawl there to vote against the Campaigner In Cheif.

        1. I’d crawl over broken glass and swim through a pool of rubbing alcohol to vote against him.

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