4 thoughts on “A New Econoblog

  1. George Turner

    He certainly has an interesting blog. On it I found this paper on synthesizing hard-to-find pseudo-ephedrine from cheap and readily available crystal meth. :)

  2. Sam Dinkin

    I taught microeconomics using his text. He’s an out-of-the-box thinker like the Freakonomics authors.

  3. Curt Thomson

    Very interesting and worth adding to my favorites. But the posts on public debt (starting here, with a complement to Krugmen) are somewhat nutty.

    In particular, debt, by itself, is not a terribly compelling reason either to cut entitlements or to raise taxes.

    I can’t clearly be sure he’s not having fun with everyone. Which is unsettling considering how sharp he is. I’m not going to wade through the 1000+ comments, but it seems to me a case can be made that increasing our federal debt to 1000 times what it is today would have some negative effect.

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