5 thoughts on “Zombie Mitt Romney?”

  1. Andrew Klavan argues that the growth of government involves zombification, that is, as more people become dependent on government for jobs or direct grants, this, in Mr. Klavan’s opinion, makes government more popular which leads to more make-work jobs and support payments, and so on.

    What does this have to do with Mr. Romney? If you are thinking that Mitt Romney is a statist politician who will do little to arrest the growth of entitlement and other spending, that point is arguable.

    If you are thinking that Mr. Romney is a zombie because of his non-answers to questions, boilerplate multi-point Economic Plan, and a lack of emotional passion in his speech making, that point too is arguable, but it is orthogonal to the mode of zombification put forward in your link to “an interesting allegory.”

    1. Also, this…

      There’s a time to talk and a time, as it were, to lock and load. Allegorically speaking.

      …the zombies will have a field day with.

      1. Perhaps so Titus, I just hope Sarah has reloaded with an arsenal and somehow Mitt doesn’t have his 1144 by the convention.

        I’d go with Ron Paul before I’d go with Mitt (I say in this small AZ town with 3 LDS churches.)

        CRT has been established throughout our government and needs to be cleaned out. None of the four still in the race (except perhaps Newt) will do a thing about it. BHO can still come back even if he were to somehow lose this election.

        We have generations of clean up and education to do.

        1. “(I say in this small AZ town with 3 LDS churches.)”
          You may find that relevant but many the the LDS people I know are voting against Romney because they prefer freedom to someone with a similar label.

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