10 thoughts on “Incitement To Murder”

  1. I’ve always been much more a Bob Seger fan than Springstein. Now, Seger may be left wing himself but I’ve never heard anything in any of his songs (or interviews) where he’s political at all. I listen to music for entertainment, not to be lectured to by a leftist. I always liked Seger’s music, lyrics and voice better than Springstein anyway.

    To borrow a title, Springstein needs to “Shut up and Sing.”

  2. The Boss was cool in the 80’s. That was the last time I listened to his music. Would have never read the lyrics if they were not in the link. People should know by now, going full OWS is always the wrong thing to do.

    1. If you count the buying and selling of political favors (and politicians) as commerce, then those counties will lead the nation.

  3. To quote a lefty friend of mine:”He mumbles when he sings and sounds like his mouth is full of shit.” I agree. There are like 3 Springsteen soungs I like. He is a horrible vocalist.

    John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band was a better Springsteen than Springsteen.

  4. His 1st 3 albums were great. After that, not so much. When he split from the E Street band, I lost what ever respect I still had for him.

  5. The only good thing Springsteen ever did, in my estimation, was to launch Courtney Cox’s career in his Dancing In the Dark video. Of course I never followed her much after “Misfits of Science” because she went all mainstream.

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