6 thoughts on “The North Korean “Satellite” Launch”

  1. What’s with that site? Twice when I opened it, it displayed a not-resizable window about the size of a business card. Closing and opening it a couple times more got it to the width of a business card but at least it was taller. I had to scroll sideways to read every line. It was like trying to read through a soda straw. Sorry, but that isn’t worth the hassle.

  2. That’s not a polar orbit! NK is just re-establishing the equator, along a line that will make NK warmer in winter.

  3. O/T: Rand, the last time I attempted to comment here, I never was able to, and ended up sending you the comment, which you posted for me. I was able to post these comments by not including anything in the Website URL box. Don’t know if that helps at all … … …

    1. I’ve had similar problem sporadically in the past. I also thought a blank URL box helped but it didn’t always work. Haven’t had the problem in a while, but like I said, it was sporadic.

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