A Culture Of Complacence And Incompetence

Your tax dollars at work, to turn the nation’s capital into the third world:

“The odds of such a disparity occurring by chance are statistically infinitesimal,” Ronald A. Schmidt, a lawyer representing 12 white women exploring a class-action lawsuit, wrote in a 2003 letter. “There appears to be an entrenched network of African-American employees at WMATA that is able to steer jobs, promotion, training and other career enhancing benefit to persons of their own racial or ethnic group.”

I’m sure it’s just an appearance.

2 thoughts on “A Culture Of Complacence And Incompetence”

  1. The Washington Times did a brillant report on Afro American corruption in the transit system and the endless corruption and mismanagement. But how does this differ from anywhere where blacks are in control? Detroit, Newark, St Louis, Philadelphia, etc?

  2. Oh, just look at any company that’s been on a “diversity” kick long enough to have an HR department made up of people whose sole qualifications for the job is that they showed up with a pulse, a uterus, and plenty of melanin.

    The company I work for was in recent memory very short-staffed in certain departments, and took the (for this company) extreme step of putting up “refer your friends” posters, offering cash rewards for assistance with recruiting, etc. I submitted the resume of a good friend who was more than qualified to work in that department. I submitted it multiple times. It kept getting “lost.” After I hand-delivered it to Shoneequa and Keywanda, and mentioned the “refer your friends” posters they had put up all over the building the week before, they feigned complete ignorance (yes, I know. Still, they don’t smoke THAT much crack). After another hand-delivery of my friend’s resume, they finally called her–and told her they did not feel she was qualified, but we will keep yo’ rezoomay on file, etc. It’s rather obvious that the problem was that my friend’s name was not Latwanda.

    And yes, I am looking for employment at other firms, preferably one that’s a little less “diverse.”

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