14 thoughts on “The New Black Panthers”

  1. Solicitation of first-degree felony violation of Florida Penal Code 787.01 is a second-degree felony violation of Florida Penal Code 777.04.

    …or you’re just a racist.

    1. Nah, a racist would argue that if whites spent a month rampaging and protesting everytime a black kid in a hoody shot some innocent person, our economy would collapse because nobody would be getting any work done.

      I do find it ironic that the New Black Panther party is calling for the South to return to race based lynchings. This will not end well.

          1. Heh. “We” them, not “we” me. Although a superficial glance at skin tone might yield that assumption. Of course, knowing that I take great care to dress like a man — only my obvious wealth, sophistication and sexual prowess are intimidating in that respect.

            Unfortunately that doesn’t stop black thugs and political insiders (is there a difference?) from being lauded by the MSM – black entrepreneurs, not so much.

          2. I used to have a suit for every day of the week when I was a kid working in NYC. But these days, I’m just a bum.

            I even have a hoody somewhere around here (but it’s just not my style.)

            is there a difference?

            Overlapping sets I suspect.

  2. Rule of law only applies to the right, because they’re all hypocrites ya know.

    It’s time for the left to be equal, which means more equal than the heartless right.

    Too much sarc?

          1. I’m guessing he felt a false sense of security after that polling place thing? But will he stay in jail after The One gets back to the WH?

            (I’m betting he was an undercover CI when he ‘sold’ that gun for the DOJ in a sting of GA pawn shops who are selling guns to Mexican drug cartels)

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