The Constitutional Law Professor

doubles down on his ignorance of history and the Constitution.

Gosh, I’m starting to think that this guy may not be the brilliant lightworker we were told he was four years ago. You’d think that at some point his defenders would get tired of trying to defend him. But I expect them to double down, too.

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The man who knew too little.

6 thoughts on “The Constitutional Law Professor”

  1. “The man who knew too little.”

    More like “the man who knew jack sh*t.” >:-(

    1. Boy, that article drew a lot of comments questioning the intelligence and sanity of the author.

    2. While congress has the power to impeach federal judges for mangling the constitution (however congress decides what it says), it’s not going to happen without a super majority in the Senate or with a divided congress.

  2. And of course, another situation where it would have been trivial to figure out the consequences before opening his mouth.

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