2 thoughts on “Lunar Land Grants”

  1. Ya got me mumbling like popeye now. Grants? We dun need no stinkin’ grants. …and so I looked for a discussion of grants in the article but the word is only used once and not in the context both of you use in your titles.

    Rand, you are one of the most careful users of words I know. In every article on this subject multiple commenters ask the right question… “who will purchasers buy the land from.”

    This is because the only way land can be granted by some nation is if they first claim the land. Unclaimed land must first be claimed in order for any title to occur.

    Forgive me please, but this is like saying gold has intrinsic value (which I blame you and your readers for setting me straight.)

    More important. It really skews the discussion. You just know some legislator is trying to figure out a way to fill the national purse as they do charging for electromagnetic spectrum.

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