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  1. Ken, I agree with your comment, but I’d agree even more if you deleted the last word of it. 😛

    I’m too young to be this cynical… but…

  2. There is a scholarly engineering paper on robotic linkages F. Di Caprio and M. M. Stanisic (1994) The Kinematic Control Equations of a Singularity-Free Six-Degree-of-Freedom Manipulator, ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, Vol 116 No. 1 pp. 17-21.

    F. Di Caprio was a graduate student of my friend and colleague at Notre Dame. He likes to tell the story that his student was telling him that he had “a cousin in Hollywood” “who was about to become famous”, and as he tells the story, “So I told my student, get outa here! No one is going to believe you.”

    So is the Titanic real?

  3. One of my younger son’s favorite stories to tell about clueless people is from the HUGE run up to “Titanic” being released.

    He had two people in his Junior year in HS who had exactly the same class schedule. One was a girl who was, and I’m being kind, a flaming air headed ditz! She was in marching band with him and what she didn’t know was most everything knowable to a teenager.

    After talking non-stop for weeks about the movie, she spent the final three or four days going on and on and on about seeing the movie seeing DeCaprio, the fancy clothes on the commercials, blah, blah, 17 y/o air headed blah, even during class. She was going into every class, and starting over from the beginning of her speech, to each new group of her girlfriends.

    Sometime late on Thursday afternoon, having finally had e – nuff, he turned to her and said, “…you do realize this isn’t going to be happily ever after, the ship SINKS in the movie!”

    Tears, and sobbing, “…well, sob sob, I guess I don’t have to sob sob, see THAT now!!!”

    I didn’t get a phone call from the teacher that time, but I did get a note questioning my sons ‘open cruelty’ in class. I just sent back a note asking just how telling the truth, about a historical event was cruel, even if it did give away the end of the movie. I didn’t get an answer.

    I’m guessing she was on the edge of her seat during “Apollo Thirteen” when they saw that in Science Class?

      1. I didn’t see the movie where the Mexican guy ‘Jesus’ dies, what’s the name again? “Passion..” something?

    1. Depending on who and why, I’m a proponent of retroactive abortion.

      Serial killers, serial rapists, child molesters, are all candidates in my wish world.

  4. From the looks of the pics on those tweets those people were not even alive when the movie was first released. It is thoughts like this that caused me to clean out my closet because no one should say that kids graduating hs are younger than some of your underwear.

    It is scary to think that there are kids who have never seen police academy but I guess that’s why they are remaking everything.

  5. Wodun,
    if they remade “Police Academy”, they’d make it a drama.

    After all, it’s the same Hollyweird who remade “Guess who’s coming to Dinner” as a comedy. AND, the new “Dark Shadows” movie is coming out…as a comedy.

      1. OH crap, they aren’t seriously remaking that!?!

        Is there even ONE writer in Hollyweird with a new idea?

        1. You have seen the trailers for “Battleship” (yes, it’s named after the board game), haven’t you?
          Oh, and the “Three Stooges” remake/reboot was the second biggest movie last weekend too.

  6. Apropos of nothing, but I read the other day that James Cameron, thanks to his numerous dives to the wreck, has actually spent more time on Titanic than the original passengers and crew.

  7. That reminds me of what I heard about the 2006 movie, “Marie Antoinette.” Some teenaged girls were leaving a theater and were wondering what happened to the title character. Ditz.

  8. Of course the Titanic was fake! It was made on a soundstage in the Nevada desert. You think we ACTUALLY went to the North Atlantic?

    1. I know, right? They didn’t have global warming back then, so there were no iceberg’s like there are now. Besides, I saw “Frozen Planet” and ships were working next to icebergs all the time and not sinking.

  9. Reminds me of the Ali G interview with Buzz Aldrin where Ali (Sacha Baron Cohen) asks Buzz what he says to all of those conspiracy theorists who say that the Moon doesn’t exist…

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