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  1. Books death served a purpose. Wash’s didn’t.

    It does change Zoe’s character in the following fight, but it should have been handled better.

    There is no heroic last stand where the heroes remain stalwart against the oncoming hordes of evil to save their companions.

    This is where Wash should have died. In that heroic last stand that followed. It would have been more shocking than shish kabob Wash.

    1. Meh, most deaths in battle are meaningless. The value of the Firefly universe was the concrete realism. When someone asks a fan why there are horses and saloons on the frontier planets, he can answer “because that’s all they can afford” and explain a little about economics, political power, and liberty. This is what makes Firefly so different to your average sci-fi shtick – it actually has something to say.

      1. Yes, six guns make more sense than laserguns with limited batteries. I got that, and liked that. I’m the guy saying you can survive on mars with gaslight technology.

        From a story point of view, Wash should not have died that way. It’s the introduction to a reaver land battle. But it could have been done better is all I’m saying.

        I wish they’d had a chance to develop the story more. There was a lot more gold in that vein.

          1. Not an expert myself. But six guns are easier to manufacturer and more reliable in use. Industrial capacity on the rim planets is not up to alliance standards. Carrying a Glock on a rim world would be shouting, “I’m alliance” to everybody.

            Yeah, my theory has holes… maybe the alliance just has laws that ban ‘assault’ guns?

  2. Now I find out he killed Rebecca Gayheart before we ever got to see her as a hooker (because her chemistry didn’t work with the rest of the cast.) Aren’t hookers supposed to not work on some level with others. She certainly looks more like a hooker (did I say that?)

  3. Because it actually gets you to care about the characters. This is why the Star Wars prequels were such a failure. There was never really a moment where you wondered if the characters were going to make it out of a situation. The Jedi just calmly sit back swing their laser swords about slicing droids in half with little to no care and you never once get the sense that they are in danger. The only scene were you actually care what might happen to the characters in this coliseum scene with Obi-wan, Anakin, and Padme. And that’s because they didn’t have their lightsaber. But in the original trilogy there were several moments when you were on the edge of your seat wondering what was going to happen to them next. Zooming through an asteroid belt when just any rock could have come out of nowhere and BAM! That’s what makes ‘Empire Strikes Back’ so good.

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