15 thoughts on “Another Potential Murkowski?”

  1. Lugar is a seat warming, RINO, Obama loving, twit. It ain’t just his friends who call him Dick!

  2. I am curious, is there anything on the record that Richard Mourdock has stated he will endorse Senator Lugar if Senator Lugar wins? If not then I don’t see what the fuse is about.

    Or is this another one of those Tea Party one way deals. If the Tea Party Republican candidates wins all Republicans must robo vote for them but if the non Tea Party Republican wins its acceptable to sit out the election.

  3. Rand,

    Not as intense as your anti-President Obama derangement 🙂

    BTW do you have a link to the statement by Mourdock?

    1. anti-President Obama derangement

      Otherwise known as sanity. Really Thomas, we’re trying to help you. The fuse is about getting a cannon to blow.

  4. I could not imagine Obama becoming president in America. If he does win a second time I think the American experiment is over. What’s left of it will not be able to clean up the mess which is much larger than who sits in the WH.

      1. I’m not a fan of Romney. But come November, a gang of new black panthers occupying the polling place won’t be enough to stop me from casting my vote against the incumbent.

        1. Yes, but come November, Tom Matula will probably vote for Obama, because the Tea Partiers will support Romney. Just as he voted for Harry Reid because he’s such a great majority leader.

          1. Rand,

            Mitt Romney is OK as he’s both a business man and pragmatic. Once elected I expect he will toss the Tea Party under the bus and govern from the middle, just as he did in Massachusetts. Remember, they don’t call him Mr. Etch-a-Sketch for nothing 🙂

            Of course it will mean NASA will get Mike Griffin as Administrator, but I sure folks here won’t mind the return of Constellation under a new name as long as President Obama is no longer in office.

            I voted for Harry Reid because Sharon Angle was much, much worst. You really need to research someone’s record before you vote for them and not just vote along party lines. But then if I recalled you voted for both President Carter and Ralph Nader in the past… And never voted for Ronald Reagen. Which raises the question. Are you going to vote for Mitt Romney? Or for some minor party candidate with zero chance of winning on “principle”?

          2. Sharon Angle lacked polish (being a substitute teacher and grandma rather than a career politician) but she was saying the right things. Harry Reid won in only two counties, because it wasn’t about policy, it was about his casino cronies getting the vote out in the last inning when he needed it.

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