10 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren”

  1. Cherokees say if you are 1/32 Cherokee, you are Cherokee

    Got me to thinking… That would mean if her relative were anything less than 100% (which means ANY of her ancestors, ancestors) then according to the Cherokee, she is not.

  2. I’m amazed at this phenomenon as a whole. Over the years, I’ve met any number of people who ‘claim’ that great grandma, or ggrangdad was an Indian.

    If that’s the case, then all those 19th Century racist, Indian killing settlers must ALSO have been some Injun’ humpin’ somp’enurothers! And following the 1/32 Cherokee Rule, there must be more Indians now, than when the Spanish showed up!

    I still think most of them are lying for the ‘coolness’ factor. Including this Warren babe, who did it for money too.

  3. Yes, DNA testing has tended to verify that most Americans whose ancestors have been in the country for more than a few generations are part Indian. During the 19th Century many started to deny this in areas where there were miscegenation laws. There was in particular a lot of mixed marriage with tribes that had adopted property system, so that marrying an Indian might help with a land claim; thus the Cherokees had a lot of mixed marriages. Most Indians do not seem to have been killed off, at least not directly. Mostly they were killed off by the big pandemics coming up from the south, from Spanish contact, long before Jamestown. The rest were mostly absorbed into the population.

    1. So if we’re all part Indian; why preferential treatment for anybody?

      BTW, I am native American; I was born in Brooklyn which last I checked was sort of in America.

  4. I love “Sacaja-Whiner”…….

    That this fruitcake has even a PRAYER of being elected to the US Sensate just goes to show that half the people in my state are certifiable. She claims to be the intellectual inventor of the Occupy movement.

    She whines that rich people only became that way because poor people paid taxes to build the roads they used to transport their evil goods and make their filthy lucre.

    …and so on……………

    1. She could be elected for the same reason Obama was elected; they have their convoluted marxist arguments down and aren’t afraid of sounding like a capitalist when it suits them.

      …and the media supports them. It’s not the commies fault, it’s the media.

      Then again, it is the commies fault because they infiltrated all the institutions they need to allow this to go on. Plus, we’ve downgraded the value of maturity and wisdom in this country. We let then ridicule real threats with labels like McCarthyism. We listen to children as if they know what they are talking about.

      The men that follow in the footsteps of our founders are actively attacked in this country. That’s insanity.

      Why won’t the media point out the error in a statement like…

      1951 The second wave of HUAC hearings begins with McCarthy leading the charge.

      This phrase is a sleight of hand, which can be said not to be technically incorrect, but certainly points to a wrong conclusion. HUAC was the house. McCarthy was a senator. Slandering McCarthy for anything the HUAC might have done is just that, filthy slander.

      Now they’re going after Allen West. Including actual self identified communists arguing that “I didn’t know that being a Communist in Congress was off-limits or out of bounds.”

      So now they get it both ways; there are no commies and so what if there are!

      1. Ken,

        I see it as a slightly more subtle thing:

        People who vote for Sacaja-Warren know that she will vote the way they want her to vote. So to them, the ridiculous things she may say on the stump matters not at all.

        Completely pragmatic voters – you can be an utter lying moron just so long as you vote properly.

  5. Allow me to re-issue my rant about “native Americans”. Strictly speaking, the first inhabitants of North America would properly be referred to as “Siberian Americans.” The only true natives anywhere would be the original inhabitants of the Olduvai Gorge and the East African Rift. Everyone else on the planet is an immigrant or a descendant of immigrants.

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