6 thoughts on “A Better Life For “Julia””

  1. I know many find Glenn Beck over the type, and / or TOO much. But I’m gonna tell this anyway…

    They were talking about ‘Julia’ this morning on the radio and one of them pointed out that IF the Liberals had their way, AND we have unrestricted, government funded ‘birth choice’, there’s a very good chance that ‘Julia’s’ life story would be irrelevant post a late, third trimester ‘choice’ by her mother.

    They make a good point I think.

  2. Someone needs to report this to #attackwatch. Mocking the Obama is nor permitted. Next thing you know people will be spreading fishy rumors about the honorable Julia. These un-American evilmongerers need to learn some civility.

  3. I notice that Jim “Gerrib” Matula hasn’t weighed in on this. I thought their deity, the Great B-Ho, could do no wrong…or stupid.

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