“Born In Kenya”

The vetting promised by the late Andrew Breitbart continues.

Does anyone really believe that Obama was unaware of this promotional booklet and what it said? The question is, was he lying then, or is he lying now? I also think that this is a big clue as to why we can’t see the college transcripts. Either he was born overseas, or he lied to get aid as a foreign student.

[Update a while later]

Dreams of my press agent.

18 thoughts on ““Born In Kenya””

  1. It’s a misprint.

    It’s a misunderstanding.

    He was misrepresented.

    HE never said these things about himself.

    Prove that this wasn’t ‘photo shopped’.

    Mitt Romney is STILL rich, he STILL hates non-Mormons, he STILL hates women, he ALWAYS wanted polygamy and he STILL sucks.

    (I may have them out of order, but there’s the fall defense)(I especially like hating women and wanting more than one wife…since when do they make sense on the Left)

  2. I don’t believe he was born in Kenya, but I do think there’s something he’s been covering up. Lying about it for financial aid or some such seems a plausible explanation.

  3. I liked this from the end of the article,
    …despite four years in office [Obama] remains a mystery to many Americans, thanks to the mainstream media.
    Where’s the ‘mystery’?

    Obama is a Leftist, big gub’ment, totalitarian.. He’s cut from the same cloth as his father, mother, WHITE-grand parents, and other Fellow Travelers. As such, and as usual for his teachers and his followers, he uses ANY verbiage or tactics necessary to bring about the Global Workers Paradise. None of it matters, so long as they win., just ask them, read their words. There’s no more mystery here than there was about Hitler or his plans, after “Mien Kampf” was published.

    After all it’s for our own good! Just like it was in Germany in the 1930’s.

  4. I have never fretted much over this issue, not due to love of The One, but simply because I believed the battle belonged to McCain and the Republican Party. Since they didn’t want to bring it up, why should I lose much sleep over it.

    Now, of course, we are starting over again and, if Romney chooses to make it an issue, more power to him. Something tells me, however, that he won’t.

    1. The battle is against the republican party which enables the progressives. Look no further than ‘fair and balanced.’ I don’t want fair. I don’t want balanced. I want the truth. Liars could not move an inch if not for enablers.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised that He lied about his birthplace for the same reason(s) that Elizabeth Warren lied about her genealogy. They both were gaming the system, and since they were espousing the proper Progressive attitudes, they got a pass.

    1. He didn’t lie about his birthplace. His parents and grandparents lied and for the same reason many others probably did. Because there is an advantage to being American rather than any other third world countryman. What we should be doing is finding out how many others came through Hawaii.

  6. Well, this is only the second source which called Kenya his native country. The first was his wife. And what does she know? She didn’t even know he was gay until this week…

  7. I called it. The literary agent says it was a ‘mistake’.

    My question is simple, does he mean the pamphlet? Or maybe even, the Presidency of BHO?

    1. Doubtful it was a mistake but rather more proof that Obama is a composite president. He’s Kenyan when he needs to be eclectic. Hawaiian when he’s on vacation. Irish when it’s St. Patricks day and chugging a Guiness. He’s got the power to drop his g’s when he’s preachin’ to the congregation. Can evolve into becoming gay. In his own words he’s said that “he’s a blank screen that people can project their own views onto”.

      1. I view him as a former president, and fervently hope most other Americans do come Novemer…

  8. If the Ministry of Truth says it is a mistake, it is a mistake. Now back to work Winston…

    1. We tolerate being lied to. This makes it our own fault. When investigators went to Kenya to find a birth certificate they were jailed, threatened and thrown out of the country. Why do that if there was nothing to hide?

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