Political Correctness

Run amok:

The race of the gang members themselves isn’t an issue, but their religion and associated cultural attitudes, and the racism that these foster, are. The fact that in this case, as in previous ones, the perpetrators were Muslims, and from parts of the world where extremist forms of that religion hold sway — eight of the Rochdale gang were of Pakistan origin and the ninth was an Afghan — has absolutely everything to do with the case, and it’s just one uncomfortable aspect that liberals don’t want to confront.

Another is the fact that politically correct attitudes to all things “racial” among the relevant authorities meant the victims’ ordeals went on for years longer than might have been the case. Many of the victims were from broken homes and under the supervision of social workers, but when they reported abuse to their carers, the police and prosecutors failed to act because, it’s claimed, they were “petrified of being called racist.”

There are also broader social issues arising from the case, and others like it, that liberals would prefer not to discuss; in particular how decades of liberal social polices on everything from immigration to welfare have helped to create the environments in which these crimes can be committed.

It’s a tragedy to watch a culture commit slow suicide.

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  1. Not just Rochdale, either. My town (Blackpool, a seaside tourist trap for those who don’t know) has an active grooming gang too. Also comprising Pakistanis running fast-food joints in the main, as in Rochdale. The difference is that this lot have committed three murders, as well.

    I don’t know what the answer is. My, admittedly feeble, response is simply never to do business with businesses run by Pakis.

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