12 thoughts on “Meghan McCain’s Book”

  1. Those three hundred pages would be better served conveying Ms. McCain’s tasting notes of every greasy spoon along I-40. I’d like to drive back east sometime, and clearly she knows her way around chili fries and cheeseburgers.

  2. And yet the people who provide her with a public forum probably think Sarah Palin is stupid. Weird.

    1. Wouldn’t a comparison to Bristol Palin, rather than Sarah Palin, be more appropriate? And, in fact, now that I google her name, I see that Bristol Palin *is* about to be given a new public forum on cable TV. Ha!

  3. Yes, she’s become the next generation of token “Republican” that the MSM parades about as their source for a dissenting opinion. She maybe a neo-liberal but not someone I’d term as conservative. Only reason she talks of conservative ideals at all is because of her father’s status as a Republican senator. She uses the notoriety of his popularity to make herself relevant. Once he’s irrelevant or passed away then we will no doubt get the inevitable Megan McCain book about “why she became a liberal”.

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