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  1. Even granting that Romney is the lesser of two evils here, do we want him to win?

    An unsourced claim from an old comment by George Turner:

    “There was an interesting study on the international political fallout
    from the Great Depression. In all countries the party in power when it
    started was tossed out, and in all countries the party in power when
    it ended was given credit for ending it, with voting patterns affected
    for many, many decades. Some countries shifted to the right, some to
    the left, but basically all shifted in an attempt to ease the crisis.”

    Does anyone really think that Romney is a principled anti-statist who will manage to rapidly limit the federal government, balance the budget, and turn the global economic tide so successfully as to link principles to effects in everyone’s mind? Or are unpayable debts and entitlement claims the world over so heinous that we’re going to see another economic crash regardless of anything the USA could do by itself? I think the odds are good that Romney would just turn out to be the sucker who grabbed the hot potato at the wrong moment.

    1. Romney wasn’t my first choice during the primaries or even my second choice. Never the less, he’s the one opposing Obama on the ballot. By any reasonable measure, he’ll be a damned improvement over Obama even if he isn’t the 100% certified perfect conservate wet dream. It’s better and more sensible to vote for someone who has a reasonable chance of taking some of the actions I support than to get virtually everything I oppose shoved down my throat.

      The perfect is the enemy of the good enough. Romney isn’t perfect but, considering the alternative, he’ll be good enough. If not, then we can wait until 2016 for the perfect candidate Godot to fulfill all of our dreams.

        1. Who gives a damn about a cartoon character? I’m more impressed that Romney is listening to Mike Rowe on the topic of working class jobs. Mike would be an interesting choice for Secretary of Labor and/or Education.

          Obama sucks hard enough to create a quantum singularity.

          1. “… sucks hard enough to create a quantum singularity.”
            A solution to our energy problems, if it doesn’t destroy us. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          2. Rand,

            I have voted for EVERY Republican candidate for President since 1976 and will vote for Romney. Does your voting record match that? Or you are you going to waste your vote on another third party candidate like you usually do?

          3. Well, you make that claim.

            So I repeat: “Well, consider the person that provided the link makes such a claim.”

          4. I have voted for EVERY Republican candidate for President since 1976 and will vote for Romney. Does your voting record match that?

            Oooohhh…I hit a nerve.

            No, I’ve only voted for a Republican presidential candidate once, but all of my votes were in states where it didn’t matter, because the outcome was preordained. On the other hand, you voted for Harry Reid. Or so you claimed.

            You are therefore stupider than Homer Simpson. He wouldn’t have done that.

          5. Rand,

            So you think your votes in Florida and California didn’t matter. How sad. But it also shows YOU are the problem of why we get such poor candidates. Because you think the outcome is preordained and you throw your vote away and then you complain about folks like President Obama being elected…

            As for voting for Senator Reid, if the there was a Republican running I would have voted for them, but instead thanks to out of state interference from the Tea Party, the only opposition was an Independent American Party candidate who conned them into thinking she was a Republican. And who went right back to supporting Independent American Party candidates after the election including campaigning against the Republican replacement for Senator Heller….

            Maybe since you live in California you don’t mind throwing Nevada under the bus by having us elect a kook as Senator, one who supports Scientology, believes evolution should be outlawed from schools and scientists are evil, but the folks in Nevada knew what they were doing. They were not conned like you and the folks who follow you….

        2. So you think your votes in Florida and California didnโ€™t matter.

          My vote for president in California doesn’t matter, and I was never a Florida voter — I voted in Wyoming.

          1. Interesting. I though you lived in Florida in 2008, and California now. I didn’t know you live and vote in Wyoming…

          2. I had dual residences, and in 2008, I voted in Wyoming. In 2012, it doesn’t matter who I vote for for president in California, so I can vote for Johnson or someone else. In 2004 I voted for Nader in Wyoming.

          3. Rand,

            Yes, the polls in California show such a large lead for President Obama it just doesn’t matter…

  2. I’m highly dubious about those numbers. Florida leans significantly conservative. Obama did okay here last time, but that was a situation that’s not at all replicated this time around.

    Personally, I think there’s a lot of effort to cover up the smell of blood in the water. Since when does a president get reelected with a terrible economy and a collapsing foreign policy?

  3. The aliens watching us are wondering why we don’t realize that the anti-American media are the enemy and should be destroyed to ensure our survival as a nation?

    Is the constitution so flawed that it contains the elements of our demise?

    Perhaps I’m leaving out the excluded middle? In that no government can endure without people of principle to stand for it? The media sure seem to be excluded from the set of people with decent principles. Or the bare minimum of intelligence to understand the lessons of history. Or to even realize history exists and has lessons for them.

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