8 thoughts on “Hillary’s Bus”

  1. One possible out for them is to get some flunky to say that Hillary told him to inform the president, and the flunky could say he sent the message but evidently it failed to arrive.

    Whether they could get someone to agree to that is another matter.

  2. I don’t know.

    Before Jim chimes in, maybe this is one of those things that won’t appear on the general public radar any time soon.

    In comparison with 9-11, where everyone from bond brokers to fire fighters to police to HQ military people suffered mass casualties, the death of an ambassador along with 3 other consulate/embassy people is something we are numb to. Even with 9-11, there were not any fingers pointed back towards to Clinton people until the 9-11 Commission, and then the former National Security Advisor stuffed his socks at the National Archives and then entered a plea of “stupid.”

    On the other hand, for all we complain about Media bias, maybe this story “has legs” in the way that Fast and Furious seems to have fizzled. It is hard to tell, but saying that Secretary Clinton or anyone else is going to take the blame is maybe premature.

    1. The 2 embassy bombings prior to the WTC 9-11 attack (hard to just use 9-11 anymore, since we now have another attack on that date) didn’t make much of a blip on the publics radar either, when they occurred. But in hindsight, they were lighthouse beacons. I don’t think many have forgotten.

  3. This story has legs not because of the admin but because it exposes the media to ridicule. They have to cover it, even if as little as possible. The Obama admin flagrantly lied for weeks when the truth was available to all. The media just isn’t going to be able to cover the admin on this so will cover themselves as well as they can. Which means even they will cover the story.

  4. It’s difficult for me to believe that such an image-driven nation as this one would elect Hillary Clinton in 2016 when she looks like this today

  5. This also blows the boast that under Obama there wasn’t a terrorist attack on US soil. The “US soil” phrasing is so pervasive that it can’t be morphed into “mainland” or “homeland” some other construction without flagging the diversion as a diversion.

  6. Hillary resigning over this would do the opposite of saving her, unless she does it before Obama tries to scapegoat her. If she does it after, then she will have resigned “in disgrace” because of her failure. If she doesn’t do it Monday, it won’t happen.

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