8 thoughts on “Mike Bloomberg’s Idiocy”

  1. Again, just picking nits here, but would a link to Page 1 or even the SinglePage link be better for the story than a Page 2 link?

  2. So a few people died because Bloomberg screwed up, at least they won’t get fat from drinking Super Big Gulps. Get your priorities straight!

    1. C’mon people. Sandy’s scope was common knowledge and people could make their own decisions regarding protecting themselves.

      I mean it is not like there were two contractor dudes on a rooftop for 7 hours protecting 20 other people with a machine gun from 200 attackers and not even getting a buzz-job from an F/A-18 let alone a ground-laser directed burst at a morter team from an orbiting AC-130.

  3. Just another blogger with no experience making any decision more important than what to have for lunch second guessing the professionals who have access to far more information and experience. Especially in the risks that goes with ordering evacuations that later turn out to be unnecessary.

    1. You are not talking about Rand and his wild-eyed posts.

      You are talking about The Weather Nerd, Brendan Loy, the keys on his computer keyboard I am not worthy to spray with Windex and clean.

      Shame to make such remarks about “just another blogger.” Such discredits any other remarks offered up.

      1. Paul,

        From his bio.

        [[[I’ll try to provide my layperson’s analysis and commentary (I have no formal meteorological training, but I’ve been a hurricane buff for almost my entire life)]]]

        [[[Incidentally, if you’re wondering about that title, “Weather Nerd”… it’s a term that I’ve used to describe myself for many years, ever since I got hooked on The Weather Channel when I was about 7 years old.]]]

        Gee with such strong credentials maybe Governor Romney will make him director of the National Hurricane Center. Or FEMA if Governor Romney decides to keep it as a government agency 🙂

        1. The man has a law degree, which along with a strong personal commitment to public safety and a public track record commenting on disaster preparation, makes him as qualified to head any of those agencies as anyone else.

          Our esteemed host Rand, especially as of late, gets real partisan-political and a lot of the opinions Rand offers up begs for counterpoint.

          Brendan Loy “The Weather Nerd”, however, specifically states that his interest is in weather, specifically severe weather and especially hurricanes and that he avoids partisan controversy. As to your earlier remark about “second guessing the professional”, all the articles written about him emphatically state that he very closely follows the weather professionals, and if he is “second guessing” anyone, it is the people with law degrees with only peripheral knowledge or interest in weather who call themselves our elected leaders.

          A person can snark all they want about the pronouncements of our esteemed Provider of Bandwidth for these Posts, Rand. But Brendan Loy is not “just another opinion blogger” of whom there are many. Mr. Loy is in a class by himself. To snark about Brendan Loy, such seriously diminishes a person’s credibility to be taken seriously.

  4. Paul,

    I see, he’s a lawyer… Again, I will take the decisions of the professionals over that of a blogger.

    BTW here is a good book you might want to read the discusses this problem.


    The Cult of the Amateur: How Today’s Internet is Killing Our Culture
    Andrew Keen (Author)

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