The Menendez Sex Scandal

Three things we can learn from it:

2. Democrats always screw you twice. First by working their will on you and second by delivering a lot less than they promised they would. The women in the story are complaining about this but that’s because they’re foreigners and don’t understand that this is actually standard Democrat operating procedure in this country. Just ask the workers trying to collect their government pensions in California. Indeed, Senator Bob’s approach to sex could even be considered the Democrat’s central philosophy: “You will bend over for us and in return we will promise to give you money and stuff… and then will give you a lot less than we promised.” If that were short enough to put on a campaign sign, people would be waving it at Obama’s campaign stops. Instead it’s just been shortened to “Forward!” Because “Over!” didn’t sound quite right.

3. It’s Democrat, not Republican, programs that send jobs out of the country. I mean, come on, are you going to tell me there are no prostitutes in America who can be screwed and then screwed again? There are plenty of them!

Maybe not when it comes to Bob Menendez. Perhaps he was offshoring because Dominiquenas were just doing the jobs that Americans won’t do.

[Update a few minutes later]

Hey, Senator, did you vote for Lily Ledbetter, and then underpay your prostitutes?

Well, to be fair, we’d have to know how much more he’d have paid them if they were men.