The Stakes On Tuesday

…here are six of them:

anyone who thinks it doesn’t really matter whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney wins next Tuesday is, to put it bluntly, delusional.

The court is very important, but here’s one that they don’t mention. If Obama is impeached and removed over Benghazi (and anyone who doesn’t think this is a possibility is also delusional), we’ll have a President Biden.

[Update a couple minutes later]

When we deceive:

We are now in a surreal situation in which the administration, its congressional protectors, and the compliant media are all in a no-comment holding pattern until after the election, when the truth will come out, in the same way that Watergate could no longer be suppressed after the 1972 election. It is only a matter of time when those who told initial untruths leak information about who told them to promulgate such unbelievable narratives. And we still do not know exactly why the ambassador was in Benghazi, with whom he was meeting, what exactly was the U.S. doing or not doing in postbellum Libya, and why did Stevens so fear for the safety of his people in a country declared a model of U.S. and allied intervention.

The secretary of state is in a bind. Susan Rice was groomed to replace her, as she prepared to successfully bow out after the reelection of Barack Obama, ostensibly to ready herself for Clinton 3.0. Now she dares not leave, given that in her absence her directorship at State will be scapegoated by the administration and the Obama-fed media. So she stays, as Susan Rice recedes into the background after being used — and subsequently humiliated — in advancing a scripted administration falsehood about the video. Amid this chaos, there will be some officials, who warned of the danger, who knew Libya was not safe, who wanted to send help to our trapped contingent, who did not think the attack came from mere protesters angry over a video, who were enraged by the cover-up, who resented the blame-gaming — and who will ultimately not stay quiet.

If they’re true patriots, they’ll start talking before Tuesday.

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    1. She knew it would come sooner or later but thought she could dodge it. Obama has no allies he won’t throw under the bus and Clinton was never an ally. She didn’t see this coming though, perhaps because she really doesn’t have a good grip on the job.

  1. Too bad open enrollment for health benefits starts after the election. I have a feeling that there is going to be a lot of voter’s remorse among B-Ho voters when they see what’s coming…

  2. If Obama is impeached and removed over Benghazi (and anyone who doesn’t think this is a possibility is also delusional)

    We’ve never had a president even come close to being impeached or removed for a foreign policy scandal. Pearl Harbor, 9/11, the Beirut barracks, missing Iraq WMDs, Gulf of Tonkin, Iran-Contra, Cambodia, Bay of Pigs — no matter how many people died, or how many laws were broken, it hasn’t happened. What makes Benghazi so different, other than a desperate desire to bring Obama down?

  3. And there was no cover up or lies with the Bay of Pigs? The Gulf of Tonkin? Iran-Contra? Iraq WMDs? You must be joking.

    Benghazi has as much chance of getting Obama impeached as Fast and Furious, or “White House Czars”, or national security leaks, or Solyndra, or any of the other made-up scandals of the last four years. Just because something is good fodder for 24×7 Fox News and talk radio coverage doesn’t make it an actual crime, much less one that will result in impeachment.

    1. I agree with Jim. Nixon is the only one in recent time who would have been successfully convicted. And frankly, that’s because he put it all on tape.

  4. Baghdad Jim: “These scandals are made up! Obama only does what’s good for us all! Stay loyal to the Chosen One! Believe in him, not the Satanic pro-freedom forces!”

  5. President Biden?

    We’d have a brain damaged, delusional, racist, gaffe-prone narcissistic ignoramus in the oval office. Oh wait… that’s what we have now.

    In all seriousness, I’d prefer Biden to Obama. I’d prefer a tree stump to either one, but Biden would be less effective in pushing Obama’s dangerous agenda.

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