7 thoughts on “Look For The Union Label”

  1. “”It is not true for us,” she said. “I don’t know how we got lumped in there (in that report). We sent eight guys to Maryland, not New Jersey.”

    Some are claiming that this proves crews weren’t turned away in New Jersey?

    1. Are you telling me that Dan Rather backed down and either retracted his story or admitted to the weakness of his evidence?

    1. So, they weren’t told to go home, they were just told they couldn’t do work unless they agreed to NJ union affiliation. The good news is that other crews took care of the area of responsibility. The bad news is the AL crew returned home, and obviously they could be used elsewhere. But when you put up red tape, people turn away on their own.

  2. According to the NJ governor’s office, there is no law or policy restricting non-union out of state emergency electrical workers.

    Apparently this was the IBEW Union itself attempting to strong arm emergency workers into joining via false statements concerning requirements.

    Shame on them.

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