Chuck Woods Versus Cindy Sheehan

My thoughts on “absolute moral authority,” over at PJMedia.

[Update a few minutes later]

You know, the more I read this, the angrier I get: “He said … Clinton assured him that they were going to ‘arrest and prosecute’ the man that made the scapegoated YouTube video critical of Islam.”

Mr. Woods was probably in a state of shock, but my response would have been, “Really, Madame Secretary? Really? In response to the murder of my son by jihadis, you’re going to violate the First Amendment of the Constitution, and impose sharia law in the United States? Sounds to me like the terrorists have won.”

5 thoughts on “Chuck Woods Versus Cindy Sheehan”

  1. I’d have clocked her right there.

    Or if I restrained that impulse, I’d quote Charles Laughton’s comment to Elsa Lanchester in “Witness for the Prosecution”:

    “If you were a woman I’d strike you!”

  2. I thought it was ‘odd’ that they said they were going to arrest this guy when I heard he’d been picked up. What was he to be charged with?

    Crimes against Allah?

    I don’t remember that in anything I’ve ever heard about Federal Law. The Parole Violation I understood. But arrested and charged for making a video? C’mon!

    As smarmy and tactless as Obumble and Hitlary are, Biden’s comment about cue balls and Woods’ son’s balls is the kind of thing that would get your lights knocked if NOT for SS or other Security Details. I’m not so sure I wouldn’t have taken a poke at Biden anyway. Then AFTER I was released from jail I would have told the story 10K times.

    From what I read and can understand from the stories out there though, Mr. Woods is a much kinder / gentler person than I am.

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