21 thoughts on “Voter Intensity”

  1. The moment I heard the “…vote for revenge..” comment, I knew the landslide win for Romney grew hugely.

    That comment cannot be suppressed much by the tanked MSM. It’s viral, and a lot of Dem voters heard it directly.

    This is a bitter, vengeful, spiteful man, this Obama is, and the sooner we exorcise him from the National Scene the better. 3 days….

  2. The ABCnews and CBSnews web pages both had headlines regarding the revenge comment including the word itself.

    ABC web page: “Romney: Vote for Love Not Revenge”

    CBS web page: “Romney ad targets Obama “revenge” comments”

    NBC news web page has nothing.

  3. What exactly will the Obamabots be avenging? That the peasantry rose up and dared question the greatness of Il Dufe? Weird.

  4. Via Drudge, from the UK:

    The ‘voting is the best revenge’ slip was virtually the only time during the speech that Obama ventured away from the script he saw before him on the teleprompter.

    Probably slammed right now, but they’re putting our media to shame.

    1. And just how friggin’ sad is THAT?

      He’s got to have every, single word laid out in front of him to keep from sticking his foot in his mouth. My question has been, since the beginning of his first run, just WHO is it that feeds the words to this marionette?

      He’s supposed to be such a great speaker, but then he’s got a script he must stick to or he screws up the message, or just screes up. As I recall, it was Reagan the ex-actor who was supposed to be ‘playing the role’ of a President.

  5. I wonder if it will be enough to overcome stuff like this and this? It certainly is a good thing that there is no genuine voter fraud. Jim has assured us as much…

    1. Neither of those involves voter impersonation fraud, and so neither one would be affected by voter id laws or restrictions on early voting, the GOP’s preferred solution to imagined vote fraud.

      Meanwhile, people are having to wait 6+ hours in line to vote in Florida and Ohio, as a direct result of decisions made by Republican officials seeking to suppress non-Republican voting. That’s the real scandal.

      1. No real fraud there, either, but if that’s a “real scandal” then so is the NAACP sending GOP voters to the back of the line…

      2. So you at an example of voter manipulation and of of outright voter fraud, point out that they circumvent one of the safeguards against voter fraud, and then call voter fraud “imagined.”

        What’s it like on your planet?

  6. I remember reading an article a couple of years ago–I believe it was at American Thinker–that said terms like “social justice” and “economic justice” boil down to nothing more than “revenge”.

    1. So, none of you Lefties actually recognize that modern (leftist-dominated) “education” has rendered most people too brain-dead to appreciate the nuanced meaning of “revenge” in this literary allusion?

      To most people (even those who have read Herbert), revenge means “getting even.” And if you saw any pictures of the president as he delivered that speech, you could only conclude that that is how he meant it.

      1. I think you underestimate Americans. The allusion turns up in R.E.M lyrics and a Seinfeld episode, after all.

        Romney didn’t make the same mistake: he stripped the allusion out of his paraphrase.

    2. I’d have to say you’re right in my case, Will. I don’t recognize that as a literary allusion to forgiveness. Partly because Obama never seems to forgive anything unless you have something to offer him like votes or money. And partly, because so many grievances of Obama and his supporters are manufactured. I can’t be bothered any more to figure out whether a real or fake grievance is at the heart of this.

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