17 thoughts on “Just a Reminder

  1. Trent Waddington

    Ya know what would be better?

    Getting rid of daylight savings (and, while we’re at it, timezones); and

    Replacing as many of the Senate/House incumbents with fiscal conservatives while leaving Obama in office. After he’s indited Biden won’t be able to get anything done and isn’t that the perfect President?

    4 years of no new laws.

    1. Peterh

      Some of us are hoping to repeal some bad law made in the last 4 years.

      No new law still means:
      – the health care takeover abomination remains in place.
      – taxes make a steep upturn January 1. (includes some of the above)

    2. Der Schtumpy

      I’ll bite, HOW do we kill the Time Zones? I’d love to see DST go bye bye. But Time Zones seem like a no brainer of necessity.

      1. Trent Waddington

        Everyone use UTC. There’s no need for 16:00 in your part of the world to have approximately the same amount of sunlight as 16:00 in my part of the world. We’re not farmers.

  2. George

    bus fare – $20
    20 fake IDs – $2,000
    Having your candidate still having his head handed to him in the election – Priceless

    What do you call four years of no new laws or regulations – Heaven

  3. McGehee

    Jeez. One of my first thoughts this morning was that tonight would be clock-resetting time.

    Then the plumbing went wacky and my football team lost and my computers started locking up, and the next thing I knew I needed to check TTM to be reminded about setting the clocks back tonight.

    Thanks, Rand.

    The Tuesday thing? That one did not slip my mind.

  4. wodun

    Not sure why there are so many OT comments on a post about not forgetting to drink beer. Not really sure why anyone would need a reminder.

  5. rickl

    Change the clocks on Saturday? Does that mean we have to set our calendars back a day, too?

    Is this inflation or something?

    1. Paul Milenkovic

      No, tell your acquaintences who are Obama supporters to set their calendars back one day . . .

      1. Arizona CJ

        Paul, that’s not nice… We really should take the high road here and offer them rides to the voting station for the election on Wednesday. ;-)

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