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  1. I’d compliment him as being an African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.

    Except Joe Biden did exactly that, in those words. (Oh, and the “articulate and bright” part really doesn’t apply)

    1. Lol!

      The full quote of what Biden said was actually worse…

      “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

      The FIRST!?!?!?! So according to Joe (I mean what I say!) Biden, all other African-Americans are inarticulate, stupid, unhygienic and ugly?

      If a Republican had said that… Career over.

  2. Obama has proven that even a completely unqualified black man with no clue how America works can still get elected president.

    I look forward to voting for a black candidate someday who’s qualified and understands his country. We’ve had our first black president, we still need to have a first successful black president.

  3. Obama has renewed my fervor in favor of the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Amendments. As well as the 21st and 22nd.

    Yes, there have been plenty of abuses by others, but this fellow lined them up and mowed them down. Only a lack of imagination saved the Third.

  4. He’s the best half-black President we’ve had since the New Millenium.

    Before the current Administration I only owned one rifle, that I rarely ever used. Now I’m an avid gun owner and I’m crack shot, with both hands using my 9 rifles, pistols and shotguns!

    My Sturm Ruger stock is worth 6 times what it was when Mr. Obama took office!

    (you know…you really could do this for about a week….without really trying very hard…)

    1. I think the whole Democrat establishment (aided by Bloomberg) is doing that in New York and New Jersey.

  5. OK, for real: He cancelled Constellation and now SpaceX is resupplying the ISS, hopefully soon to be followed by other private space companies. Credit where it’s due.

    And that’s the only nice thing I can say about a man who is still not up to the job of President, even after four years of practice.

    1. Sometimes the law of unintended consequences actually works out in a positive way. I have no illusions that Obummer had a clue that this would help private companies. If he had, he probably would have prevented it.

        1. Only the president and his closest advisers know for sure. But if I had to guess, I’d say it was to hurt the red states of Alabama, Utah, and Texas and transfer jobs to blue-state California.

        2. My guess is redirect some NASA money to Obama priorities like renewables or edumacation. When that idea didn’t soar, he just wanted something that wouldn’t get into the media in a negative way.

      1. …have we ever had a POTUS throw himself on the floor and flail his arms and legs during the State of the Union Address?

        (and Nixon doesn’t count, he was not doing the SotU.)

  6. I’ll say something nice about Obama; he caused the creation of the Tea Party and the revival of the Republican Party.


      1. I doubt it. Just as he managed the seemingly impossible task of being a worse president than Jimmy Carter, I predict he’ll also be an even worse former president. His ego won’t allow him to just fade away.

  7. He did well enough to be a favorite for re-election in all the betting markets.

    My prediction: Obama wins all the swing states except Florida and North Carolina (squeaking by in Virginia and Colorado), for 303 electoral votes. I think he’ll win the popular vote too, but not by much (1-2%). I think the Dems will hold the Senate with 53 seats, and that the GOP will hold the House with a slightly smaller majority. In other words, I think polling averages will do as well as they have in other recent elections, which is very well.

    Some of the other predictions made in recent weeks by Rand and commenters here:

    Rand: “I think that we’re going to see a huge preference cascade”, “The Tea Party is going to get Romney into the White House”, “Romney plus six or seven in the popular vote”, “a solid Republican majority in the Senate”.

    Der Schtumpy: Romney “by a bigger margin than what put these socialists boobs in office” (i.e. by more than 7%), “Romney, by a huge landslide”.

    jsallison: “Romney wins in Reaganesque smackdown”

    ken anthony: Obama’s “going to lose big regardless of those other cooked books, the polls”

    TallDave: “the Obama campaign is officially in a death spiral”

    Gregg: “As of last night the election is completely over. The slaughter will be legendary.”, “Landslide. Romney.”

    Jiminator: “Romney/Ryan are looking like they will win by 7 points or greater.”

    And of course professional pundits like George Will and Dick Morris also predict a Romney landslide. Will has Romney winning Minnesota. Jim Cramer, on the other hand, thinks Obama will win 440 electoral votes (does he think Obama’s going to win Texas?!?).

    We’ll see tomorrow.

      1. Turns out that Cramer, while out of his mind, was nonetheless more accurate than George Will and Dick Morris. My prediction: Will and Morris will continue to be paid handsomely for their opinions, regardless of their terrible performance.

        My forecast was off by Florida in the EC, on the money for the popular vote, and off by two Senate seats for the Dems. Nate Silver (538), Sam Wang (Princeton Election Consortium), and Drew Linzer (Votamatic) had near-perfect forecasts.

        The lesson seems to be: polling (at least when you average polls together) still works very well, and outliers (e.g. Gallup and Rasmussen) are probably just wrong.

    1. I’ve been holding back on making an outright prediction because it has been so close. But to me the biggest indicator in Romney’s favor is his lead among independents of 22 points. Everyone registered D or R already knows how they are going to vote. It’s those independents that will swing this one way or the other and that’s where Romney’s got the edge. Also, Romney is doing better among likely voters: Seniors, church goers, suburbanites, and married people. In those groups he has a 10 point lead. Also enthusiasm plays a big part going into the election. Obama had a rally on Friday and 2800 people showed up. Romney had one on Saturday and 30,000 people showed up — in Cleveland, OH! And finally the voters defecting from Obama to Romney is certainly to sting Obama a bit. 13% of people who voted for Obama in ’08 are voting for Romney this time; Obama only won by 9% in 2008.

      It will be close but I think that Romney edges it out.

    2. “We’ll see tomorrow.”


      Between the sampling errors in the polls and the rampant voter fraud from the Democrats. no one can say for sure how things will turn out tomorrow.

      Even though I think the polls are misleading, most of them show a statistical tie even in many of the battleground states. Obama will not get a turn out like in 2008, his rallies have tens of thousands less people showing up. Obama has lost many of the voters who put him in office but how many?

      The Republicans are energized. The pundits were saying the party was dead for a generation to come but we saw in 2010 that is was stronger than it had ever been before. All of these people are just as fired up to vote this year. From TP health care protests to Chick-fil-a buycott to the backfire of every single internet meme pushed by Obama, we can tell where the enthusiasm and momentum lies.

      Independents are pissed at both parties but according to polls they now favor Romney as much as they did Obama in 08.

      In an election this close, I think the push goes to Romney because of enthusiasm. By what margin? Who knows. It could be close or a blow out. But if Obama wins it will be by the slimmest of electoral vote margins and he also stands a good chance to lose the popular vote even if he wins.

      1. the rampant voter fraud from the Democrats

        So if Romney wins it’s the will of the people, but if Obama wins it’s fraud? How convenient.

        1. I can’t help it if Democrats view voter fraud as a legitimate path to power.

          Republican efforts to ensure voter integrity are in direct response to Democrats consistent campaigns of voter fraud. The honor system doesn’t work with politics.

    3. 1) What percent of the popular vote do you think constitutes “a landslide”?
      2) What distribution of the EC constitutes “a landslide”?

  8. As liberal fascists go, Obama has the nicest pants-crease.

    Also, based on the Obama Zombies who post here, he has the most illogical, mindlessly party-line regurgitating flock of sheeple of any “liberal” (i.e., statist) politician in my memory. That may sound like a bad thing, but if you enjoy mocking stupidity (and who but the incorrigibly stupid, at this point in history, put so much faith and trust in the State?), as I do, these clowns are a godsend.

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