4 thoughts on “Global Warming Did Not Cause Sandy”

  1. Some of the comments are seriously deluded. Always the same refrain. When it’s cold or calm, it’s just weather. When it’s hot or stormy, it’s Global Warming.

  2. Of course not. It was caused by President Obama to win the election 🙂


    HAARP Hurricane Sandy? Internet Conspiracy theorist blaming HAARP for Hurricane Sandy

    October 31, 2012

    [[[The fact that Hurricane Sandy was considered a “Perfect Storm” that just so happened to hit during high tide, right before the Presidential elections
    Conspirators point to HAARP.

    Jesse Ventura claims that HAARP is a weather manipulation program that is being used to control storms and generate powerful deadly storms by bouncing ELF radio waves off the Ionosphere and into storm cells.

    Ventura, the former governor of Minnesota, calls it the most dangerous project the United States government has.]]]

    See, I told you they would get around to blaming it on the President 🙂

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