13 thoughts on “Elon Musk”

  1. Yeah, that’s a good one. And at least we should still have the “good” space policy with Obama. And hopefully SLS will get strangled in the coming budget negotiations. No one cares enough about space (other than the local constituency) to spend that kind of money on SLS when “an American company” like SpaceX is available for 1/20th the price. (Or so I hope)

    The thing I’m really looking forward to though is something Elon eluded to – the coming inflection point when revenue from private companies exceeds the revenue from NASA. That would put SpaceX on the true path to sustainability, no matter what happens to COTS and SLS. And I expect that a few years after that (while SpaceX milked those fat monopoly profits), NASA would quickly become nigh-irrelevant to humanity’s presence is space.

    And that would be great. Most of the world seems to think that “Space = government”. Bigelow and Musk (and maybe Planetary Resources?) will show them otherwise.

  2. I just hope that Musk’s ideology doesn’t get in the way of his business sense. It would suck to see SpaceX flame out because they stopped thinking about the business case.

  3. I hope Mr. Musk fails. A conservative bundler would die a death of a thousand cuts. Maybe I’m wrong, but it is how I feel.

    1. You can check out his donations at opensecrets.org. Aside from a Democrat PAC that he gave 30k to, his donations split the parties pretty evenly.

      1. I think that’s a behavior range which is orthogonal to political ideology. What definition or description of “conservative” indicates otherwise?

    2. So you’re the guy that pushes the electric shock button on the human test subject because the guy standing behind you says, “it’s ok. It’s just part of the experiment.”

      If Musk is successful, we become a multiplanet species. Good thing you weren’t around to knock off the person that invented the wheel or fire because they hurt your feelings.

        1. So…you’re impervious to reality? You do in fact value feelings over thought and facts? And you call yourself a “conservative”?

          Are you proud of that? Or what?

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