14 thoughts on “And Yet They Re-Elected Obama”

  1. We may be seeing the results of the Trent Lott Faction in the Republican Party. In particular we are seeing the contrast between the willingness of the Lamestream Media to report the Trent Lott Faction’s pork as if the entirety of the Republican’s did nothing else, while eliding the true crony capitalism in this administration with as little coverage as they can get away with.

    1. They’re also reporting congressional deadlock” as if the Republicans are doing nothing but saying NO! to Obama — completely glossing over the fact the House sends all kinds of bills to the Senate, where Harry Reid uses them as Depends®.

  2. The republican brand is dead. Do we try to revitalize it or do we come up with a new brand? Let the old brand stay with the Rockefeller elites. Make a platform for a new liberty party that folks will support. Don’t let the press take any candidate away from that platform. Controversial issues are not part of the platform and private views are not open for discussion. Take no position if it is not in the platform.

    For example:

    We are against corruption. We believe there should be fewer laws, but those few should be enforced equally. Nobody should be above the law.

    I think most people would still support something like that. Simple and to the point.

  3. They think Democrats are better at dealing with corruption than Republicans. Given the track record of the stimulus law, that belief seems well founded.

    1. You mean the “stimulis” law passed by a democrat congress, and used as a slush fund by a democrat occupier of the white house?

      1. Apparently “dealing with corruption” means something different to Jim than it does to the rest of us.

      2. Well, yeah. When have Republicans ever managed to deal themselves such a metric buttload of corruption and get the media to praise them for it? Isn’t it obvious that Democrats are better at handling it?

    2. Oh yeah….

      Like when Congenital Liar Lizzie Warren gets voted in…

      Or John Tierney (whose felon wife did time for aiding and abetting her brother’s mob money laundering business).

      or Corzine

      Or Torrecelli…..

      Yeah there’s one way the dems deal better with it – they get their guys elected notwithstanding

  4. There is no way to fix a stupid, ignorant electorate, a “liberty” party won’t help. Most of the Obama voters only know Fast & Furious as the Vin Diezel movie.

  5. Amazing that people wonder why, with the government expands its resposibilities beyond its defensive ones, and gets into the business of dispensing favors, that corruption would ensue. Of course, these are the sheeple who voted for Obama, so not the swiftest mammals in the pasture.

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