8 thoughts on “Dana Rohrabacher”

  1. Rand, do you know about the mechanics of running for the position and senority? Is it an auto appointment if the most senior wants it? Do you have to woe members for votes?

    1. Ultimately, I think the decision is made by the House leadership, but if someone has seniority there has to be some serious reason not to give them the position requested. I’m not sure if support from other members helps, but it can’t hurt.

      1. Theoretically it is decided by the House as a whole, in a secret ballot, but many junior members feel compelled / bribed by the leadership to hand over their blank ballots. Or so I’ve read.

    1. I’d certainly prefer him to anybody else, but having watched his performances carefully over the last couple of years, I wouldn’t invest a lot of hope in him even in the unlikely event that the SLS cheerleaders who are his colleagues let him have the job. He’s missed a lot of opportunities to ask the obvious sensible questions. Since the summer of 2011 he’s gone from asking pointed questions about why prop depots and MLVs wouldn’t be better than SLS to thanking Bolden for assuring him PDs are important when in fact there’s little sign of them in the NASA program.

  2. Rand — you’re right, it’s the House leadership (Kantor, the Speaker, etc.) who would award the chairmanship of a full committee to a House Member. // Go DANA!!! (I used to work for him, so I guess I’m a bit prejudiced, but he’s *the* man for the job. IMHO of course.)

    1. I hope Dana gets the job. The Republicans are in control of the House so it is certainly not impossible. However I fear the installed interests probably won’t let it happen.

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