7 thoughts on “Fire Up The SUVs”

  1. Off topic, but CIA Director David Petreaus has tendered his resignation. He is admitting to an adulterous affair, but with Benghazi and everything, is there deeper intrigue? Or is this just my Near Eastern view of everything?

  2. So CO2 does cause warming, but only when denialists can find an argument that makes it a good thing!

  3. “We are probably entering a new ice age right now,”

    I thought the term ice age was defined as a period where polar ice caps existed year round. How can we be entering a new ice age when we never exited the current ice age?

    “We still need to assess carbon taxes because shut up”

  4. Hey wouldn’t D.C. be covered up over by a 1/2 mile thick sheet of ice? Maybe I can start to get into this whole climate change thing after all.

    1. Now that’s a comforting thought!

      It’s like I posted a couple months ago: In the War of 1812, the British burned much of Washington DC. And to think, we never had the descency to thank them.

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