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  1. Oh, gee! There is no comparison between the two situations, no comparison at all apart from one party being named David and the other party being named Bathsheba (not!).

    David Petraeus is/was still a lowly civil servant in the larger scheme of things, not the king or U.S. President or other person with power and influence.

    The real moral failing of King David is not so much that he took a lover, or took as his lover another man’s wife, or used his rank as king to take as a lover another man’s wife, but that he sent her husband off into combat, off to the most difficult part of the battle, to see him killed that he, David, would not have a rival in his affections.

    Some drew a parallel between Bill Clinton, Monical Lewinsky, and the aerial bombing of a putative WMD factory in Sudan that was claimed to be a mere “aspirin factory.” Whether innocents on the ground died in that raid I do not know, but I don’t think U.S. Military personnel were lost or in serious peril in a cruise-missile raid.

      1. Where do you get the idea that the strike in Sudan was a case of mistaken identification?

        I’m seeing articles like this when I casually google for info:

        “Bin Laden’s drive to obtain the chemical weapons could be linked to the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum, Sudan, which was bombed by the United States in late August, said John Gannon, chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council. ” http://www.cnn.com/US/9811/19/bin.laden.02/

        “We had previously collected samples from other suspected sites in Sudan,” the official said, “but only the sample from the Shifa facility tested positively for chemical weapons precursors.”
        “The official said a number of sources had indicated the owner of the Shifa plant was a “front man or agent for bin Laden.” The manager lives in the house previously occupied by bin Laden when he lived in Sudan, the official said, and other reports indicated a bin Laden money manager claimed bin Laden had invested in Shifa. ”

        Of course, these are lousy sources. Do you have a better source of information?

  2. Tsk, Tsk, Republicans. Pushing Petraeus to resign over the affair might appear questionable, but the Democrats have an easy way to prove their case that this sinply had to be done. They can trot out their most-respected spokesman (Bill Clinton) to explain why having an affair while in such a high and powerful office as Director of the CIA, especially due to that office having the highest security clearances, is of course grounds that demand instant resignation.

    Surely that would settle the matter to everyone’s satisfaction?


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